Amelio Early Learning Centres: A Second Home with Mother's Touch

Sridevi Raghavan,CEO & Co-Founder

Sridevi Raghavan

CEO & Co-Founder

Every young working mother struggles to balance her family and her career, and often times, she foregoes her career for her children. But this isn't a choice a woman should make she should be able to effectively straddle both. All she needs is a little help. Sridevi Raghavan named her preschool as Amelio realizing a mother's feelings. With the term Amelio, she wants to make a better situation for the working mothers. Sridevi says, "The major concern for working mothers to pursue their career is the lack of high quality childcare and preschool education. "Amelio is an early learning space, which also
facilitates an onsite daycare for the kids of the employees of the required firms.The preschool includes infant care, daycare, preschool and after school programs.

With a preschool, Sridevi aims at developing the natural curiosity to learn. Amelio follows a curriculum named 'World of Discovery.' "When I started Amelio, I could find a lot of curriculum methodologies for the preschool kids but nothing being relevant to the fast changing world of today and nowadays our kids are constantly adapting to the new environment; Amelio takes best practices from the best curriculum across the world and adapts them to the Indian context," claims Sridevi. The World of Discovery curriculum combines the best practices of internationally renowned curriculum methods. This special curriculum was developed after two years of research by a team of expert child psychologists, pediatricians, early childhood educators and researchers. The curriculum includes immersive learning through a theme-based approach.

Sridevi believes fresh new graduates are well suited to inculcating the right values for the kids."As per my experience, most of the freshers perform well in childcare as they have a lot of interest to learn and they have the ability to do things and experiment with teaching methodologies," adds Sridevi. At Amelio, she prefers both mothers and freshers as mentors. The trainer team is selected through a rigorous teacher training program where the preschool train them about the fundamentals of early education, the best practices in early education around the world. A rigorous eight step hiring process is followed, which consists of interviews and three-day trial program where in the chosen lot is put in the teaching environment and the team monitors the strategy and finally the best gets selected.

From the day of establishment, all these eight years Amelio has been working towards reaching the position of India's best childcare centre involving a high quality curriculum with the standardized resources to inculcate the right values for the kids.