SRKR Engineering College: Bridging Tradition & Modernity in Engineering Education

  S.R.K. Nishant Varma,   Secretary cum Correspondent

S.R.K. Nishant Varma

Secretary cum Correspondent

Engineering education in India has been undergoing significant transformations to align with global standards and meet industry requirements. The introduction of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has played a pivotal role in reshaping the educational landscape. The policy emphasizes multidisciplinary learning, flexibility in choosing subjects, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among students. However, engineering education in India still faces challenges such as outdated curricula, inadequate industry exposure, and the need for skill development.

SRKR Engineering College has been proactive in tackling these challenges by integrating the core principles of NEP 2020 into its educational framework. The college emphasizes producing graduates who are not only employable but also capable of becoming entrepreneurs. The institution offers various training programs and encourages students to engage in hands-on projects from the onset of their academic journey. By doing so, SRKR Engineering College ensures that students are well-prepared to secure positions in top companies or venture into entrepreneurship.

SRKR Engineering College was established in 1980 by the visionary Late Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju. A prominent contractor involved in the Nagarjuna Dam Construction; he envisioned a college in his village to produce competent engineers. Carrying forward his vision, his son Sagi Prasad Raju as the President of SRKREC, and his grandson S.R.K. Nishant Varma, as the Secretary cum Correspondent, along with the GB members, have exhibited inspirational leadership in making the Founder’s dream a reality as the institution now boasts of more than 25,000 alumni across the world. To speak of its illuminous legacy, the present VC of JNTUK, Kakinada, the affiliating university of the institution, Dr. G.V.R. Prasada Raju is one of the most prominent alumni of the institution.

Academic Programs at SRKR Engineering College

The college offers a diverse range of programs customized to meet several student needs. Initially starting with three programs, SRKR Engineering College has now expanded offering twelve undergraduate programs in B.Tech, six postgraduate programs in M.Tech, and ten Ph.D. programs. The curriculum is multidisciplinary, allowing students to take courses across various engineering disciplines. This approach ensures that graduates are well-versed in contemporary fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies, making them highly competitive in the job market.

Moreover, SRKR Engineering College stands out due to its holistic approach to education.
Speaking more on this, Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju – the Director of SRKR Engineering College says, “Our college not only focuses on academics but also provides numerous facilities and opportunities for overall student development. For instance, under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, our institution has adopted five villages, where students participate in awareness programs, gaining leadership qualities and a sense of social responsibility. This initiative helps students develop into well rounded individuals ready to take on leadership roles in the future”.

Vision of a Globally Renowned Technical Institution

The college aims to evolve into a globally renowned technical institution dedicated to socioecological welfare. With more than 25,000 alumni worldwide, SRKREC is making significant strides towards this vision. The institution is involved in various community projects, providing education and support to local schools and elders. This community involvement enriches the student’s learning experiences and instills a sense of responsibility towards society.

SRKR Engineering College ensures that its students are well equipped to excel in their careers & contribute positively to society

SRKR Engineering College ensures the delivery of top-tier education by incorporating seminars, workshops, and industrial visits, and fostering a dynamic learning environment. The college has numerous associations promoting collaboration and practical learning. These initiatives help students develop creativity, character, and readiness to face real-world challenges.

Additionally, one of the significant issues in engineering education is the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. SRKR Engineering College addresses this disparity through its excellent AICTE IDEA Lab. The lab allows students to develop multidisciplinary ideas and convert them into practical projects. This hands-on experience is crucial for students to understand and apply engineering concepts effectively.

Prominent Research Endeavors

Research is a cornerstone of SRKR Engineering College. The institution has received significant projects like European Union Horizon 2020, focusing on faculty and student exchange programs. These initiatives facilitate the development of innovative projects and provide students with the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research, preparing them for careers in academia or industry. In addition, the college offers a vibrant campus life with a range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and events. With 29 student clubs, including unique, recreation, and sports clubs, students have ample opportunities to pursue their interests and develop new skills. The college also prioritizes mental well-being and social responsibility through excellent counseling systems and community engagement programs.

With regard to infrastructure, SRKR Engineering College boasts impressive placement records. In 2022, the college secured 2,715 placements, while in 2023, it achieved 1,870 placements despite increased competition. The college maintains strong industry connections, offers numerous internships, and conducts skill development programs to ensure students are well-prepared for the job market.

Notable Achievements & Future Roadmap

The college has received several awards and recognitions over the years. With plans to achieve deemed to-be-university status and expand into new domains like Business Administration, SRKR Engineering College is continuously evolving to meet the needs of the industry. The institution also focuses on student and faculty exchange programs, internships, and business activities to keep pace with the ever-changing industry landscape.

In conclusion, SRKR Engineering College exemplifies the qualities of a premier engineering institution in India. By addressing the challenges in engineering education, providing comprehensive academic programs, and fostering a holistic learning environment, SRKR Engineering College ensures that its students are well-equipped to excel in their careers and contribute positively to society.