Shreya Shivangi: Accomplished International Coach & Keynote Speaker Empowering Next Generation Leaders & Enabling Mindset Shifts

Shreya Shivangi,   Chief Coach & Founder

Shreya Shivangi

Chief Coach & Founder

The life coaching industry is experiencing a surge in popularity, driven by significant trends. Specialized coaching niches in career, wellness, relationships, and finances are gaining prominence, addressing specific client needs.Life coaches are embracing a holistic approach, prioritizing personal growth and overall life satisfaction. Despite the growing awareness of coaching benefits, consumers face challenges in goal clarity, accountability, and motivation. Unclear objectives hinder progress, while a lack of structured support and external accountability affects commitment. Renowned life coach Shreya Shivangi, with a digital strategy leadership background, provides indispensable guidance, support, and strategies to surmount these obstacles and achieve meaningful goals. Her co-creative strategic approach promises a profound impact in the life coaching arena.

Unraveling the Journey
Shreya Shivangi is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of coaching. She holds certifications as an International Certified Executive Coach, Life Coach, Success Coach, and Emotional Intelligence Coach from Symbiosis Coaching, an esteemed institution accredited by CCA and ICF. Additionally she has received coaching on Emotional Intelligence from EI 360,Canada. Her extensive qualifications and continuous pursuit of knowledge position her as a highly capable and knowledgeable professional in the coaching industry.

Shreya possesses a unique blend of expertise, with over 15 years of digital strategy leadership experience working along side prominent Fortune 500 brands. Drawing upon her vast knowledge and having witnessed various industry dynamics, she is committed to serving and supporting those seeking personal and professional growth. Through her evolved persona, which combines corporate experience and coaching proficiency, she offers a powerful amalgamation that positions her as an igniter and peak performance strategist. Shreya excels at helping clients unlock their untapped potential, propelling them on a transformative journey of Ignite Transform Thrive.

At Tatvam Risers, her coaching methodologies are thoughtfully designed to facilitate profound and enduring transformations through individual and group coaching workshops. Its flagship program, ‘Mindset Shift Strategy’, aims to elevate self awareness, and emotional intelligence, and unlock clients' capacity to achieve exceptional outcomes. She recognizes coaching as a co-creative journey, where the client's dedication and effort play pivotal roles in attaining their goals. Understanding the time constraints faced by some clients, she also offers the Single Session Rapid Breakthroughs program, which provides a flexible alternative for those seeking transformative growth within a condensed time frame.

Catering to Diverse Client Needs
Shreya firmly believes that satisfaction evolves and is deeply grateful for each personal and professional milestone. Today, she is devoted to guiding value seekers through a co-creative strategic approach, empowering them to become the CEOs of their own lives. Her expertise as a life coach and mindfulness expert has earned her the role of a guest panelist on ET NOW Swadesh Live TV, where she shares her insights and wisdom. Additionally, she has been honored as an Asia Women Leader in 2021 and recognized as one of India's Top 50 Digital Marketing Professionals by industry experts. Furthermore, Shreya firmly believes in growth that stems from embracing failures and aims to ignite the transformation of performers into VERIZERS.

In conclusion, Shreyas extensive experience, coupled with her coaching expertise, makes her an invaluable resource for individuals and organizations seeking profound transformations and exceptional results. Tatvam Risers' coaching programs and methodologies are tailor-made to unlock the latent capabilities within clients, enabling them to achieve remarkable growth and success.

“I believe in growth that stems from embracing failures, and my goal is to ignite the transformation of performers into VERIZERS. They strive not only to become better versions of themselves but also act as catalysts for creating Risers within their teams and organizations. This leads to a victorious lift-off, both at the workplace and beyond”, says Shreya Shivangi.