Dr. Sheeba Nair: Empowering Lives Through Redefining Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching

Dr. Sheeba Nair,  Transformation Coach

Dr. Sheeba Nair

Transformation Coach

Life coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for personal development and growth. Life coaches empower individuals to unlock their full potential and create the life they desire by providing guidance, support, and accountability. With the rise of virtual coaching, specialized niches, mental health awareness, and technology integration, life coaches are better equipped than ever to empower their clients on their unique journeys toward self-discovery and transformation. The life coaching industry also faces challenges due to the lack of regulation and standardized qualifications, leading to variations in practitioners' skills and ethical standards. Unrealistic client expectations and increased competition also pose significant hurdles.

Meet Sheeba Nair, a visionary and highly accomplished Executive Development and Leadership Coach, who has redefined the landscape of emotional intelligence and life coaching. She holds a Master's in Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching and is a Certified Corporate Trainer with a specialization in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her credentials speak volumes about her expertise, as she is recognized as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coaching Federation and has more than two decades of experience as Change Maker. With almost two decades of experience working overseas in multinational corporations, Sheeba has honed her skills in dealing with diverse mindsets and promoting inclusivity. By adhering to evidence-based methodologies

and continuous professional development, her firm Coachable Minds ensures a high standard of coaching services, setting them apart from competitors. She is actively involved with the Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and extends emotional support to counselling cancer patients in the palliative stage.

Standing Out
As a transformation coach, Sheeba Nair empowers her clients to make significant changes in their lives, guiding them through vital transitions, be it in their careers, relationships, or personal growth. By helping clients identify their core values and goals, she offers unwavering support throughout their journey of change, ensuring they achieve their desired outcomes. "EQ based coaching sets itself apart from conventional coaching methods by placing a strong emphasis on understanding and managing emotions effectively", shares Dr. Sheeba Nair, Transformation Coach. Sheeba Nair excels in this domain, bringing a unique blend of emotional intelligence and NLP to her coaching practice. Rather than focusing solely on achieving goals, EQ based coaching delves into the psychological aspects of clients, enabling them to confront personal challenges and overcome obstacles in their path to success. Sheeba Nair's extensive background in emotional intelligence enables her to excel in understanding her clients' emotions and effectively managing interpersonal relationships.

Discover the extraordinary within through the guidance of Coachable Minds, where growth knows no limits, & transformation becomes a reality

Sheeba Nair's impact as a global coach has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, she was honoured by the Woman Leader Forum as a Change-Maker during a prestigious event in Dubai, further cementing her reputation as a catalyst for positive change. The previous year, Sheeba was bestowed with the Iconic Woman award by the Women Economic Forum held in Delhi, acknowledging her remarkable efforts in creating a better world for all. Her relentless dedication and hard work also earned her the esteemed Doctor of Letters(D.Litt) from McStem Eduverity, USA, in recognition of her excellence in Executive and Leadership Coaching. Her dissertation, 'Emotional Intelligence in Organizational Behaviour', demonstrated her expertise in the field and solidified her position as a leader in the coaching industry.

Sheeba Nair's influence reaches far and wide as the Founder of Coachable Minds, employing a unique coaching approach driven by emotional intelligence and neuro linguistic programming. She serves as an inspirational figure, encouraging the embrace of emotional intelligence for unleashing true potential and fostering positive change.