Kundan Lal Foundation: Helping Individuals Realize Their True Potential through Goal-oriented Life Coaching

Prashant Sharma,    FounderIn today’s highly competitive business landscape, most working professionals suffer due to heavy workloads and rarely get time for themselves due to the lack of proper balance between their personal and professional lives. Coming to their aid are the life coaching institutes that help them unlock their true potential by hand holding them through a series of personalized Life coaching sessions. While there are a multitude of life coaching companies currently operating in India today, one company that stands out is Kundan Lal Foundation (KLFHOUSE). Prashant Sharma, a certified MindBody Connection Coach and a NLP Coach incepted KLFHOUSE in 2018 with a vision to handhold individuals in their journey to lead a healthy and holistic life.

“After a 15-year long career in the corporate sector, I was driven by my long-time desire to help people who were in any form of pain or life dysfunction and thus laid the foundation for Kundan Lal Foundation. As a trained NLP coach, I always have a unique combination of soul, mind, and body therapy customized for my clients. This way, we assist our clients to lead a stress-free life by helping them relax, reduce stress, and nurture their emotional well-being”, says Prashant.

Service Portfolio
KLFHOUSE currently has four key service offerings Life Coaching, Personal Counseling, Institutional Training, and Corporate Training. The company follows two modules while offering these services, namely One-to-One
Coaching and Group Sessions. However, it considers Life Coaching as its flagship service wherein it first understands the person’s requirements, empower them, and handhold them throughout the entire training process and after the training too. Additionally, KLF HOUSE restricts itself from spoon-feeding the individuals and instead empowers them in such a way that they are able to single-handedly manage & overcome any challenge that they might face in their life.

We assist our clients lead a stress-free life by helping them relax, reduce stress, & nurture their emotional well-being

“We are a training company offering a wide range of one-to-one training and group sessions mainly to working professionals and specializing in the area of stress management. Each of our services is developed in alignment with our vision to empower individuals effectively by leveraging NLP tools. We follow an Experienced Learning approach integrated with Neuro-Linguistics Programing (NLP) that enables individuals to grasp the concept with ease, as this will help him/her to overcome any kinds of problems such as stress, anxiety, addiction, past trauma, and many others”, Prashant further explains.

Standing a Class Apart
Unlike most of the companies that follow a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to their coaching/ training programs, all of KLFHOUSE’s programs are designed keeping in mind its customers diverse requirements. The company first talks to its clients, understands their requirements and then formulates a personalized training program accordingly to ensure that each of the customer’s demands is met in the most effective way. This unique approach of taking its clients’ feelings & emotions into account to offer customized training programs has been the key differential factor for KLFHOUSE in the market.

Prashant has been one true backbone of KLFHOUSE, wherein owing to his profound experience in the industry, he has been conferred with many awards & recognition. Major ones among them include Top Listed Motivational Speaker Life Coach by Justdial and Urban Pro, Best Life Coach by Shubham Sansthan (2020), Best Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner by MH Academy (2019), Certified Life Coach from Kain Ramsay, Achology and Certified NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner by Graham Nicholls, Udemy. Going forward, the company aspires to continue serving our customers by following a simple, affordable, and accelerated approach to our training programs.