Dr. Anju Chawla: Experienced & Certified Coach Trusted by Reputed Businesses

Dr. Anju Chawla,    FounderCorporate coaching and training is on the rise in India. The establishment of offices of many foreign companies and the growth of the MSME sector as well as the flourishing startup ecosystem has given rise to the demand for corporate coaching services. Over the past decade, the country has witnessed the emergence of many knowledgeable professionals in this domain who have added immense value to the business operations of their clients with unique ways of coaching and training services.However, despite their contributions, many organizations struggle to provide the required motivation through emotional engagement of employees, which plays a vital role in increasing productivity within the company.

This is where Dr. Anju Chawla’s programs on emotional intelligence present a solution to this problem. She is one of the most recommended and knowledge able persons working with corporate companies from mid to senior level leaders. She holds double graduation and double master’s degree along with a PhD.

The uniqueness in Dr. Chawla's approach is her mastery in emotional intelligence. She is able to curate specialized programs for clients offering assessment, training and coaching based on emotional intelligence that not only adds value to the client’s business process, but also brings more balance in the life of the employees. She acts as an external pair of eye and ears for a client
and helps them chunk down steps and reach the goal. “Often, you are too close to the problem to see it objectively, or you cannot understand what you are doing wrong. This is where having a coach’s perspective can be particularly rewarding. A coach breaks down your activities into smaller fragments and examines them with great detail. This helps you find new ways for you to approach the activity”, says Dr. Chawla.

Often, you are too close to the problem to see it objectively, or you cannot understand what you are doing wrong. This is where having a coach’s perspective can be particularly rewarding

Service Excellence
Dr. Chawla provides her services in three categories that include assessment, training and coaching. In order to make it more specialized, she tries to first delve deep into the exact requirements of a client before thinking about a solution. In her words, “When you start something new, you notice that you learn a lot initially. But as you get regular at it and set into a routine, the learning and growth deteriorate and come to a halt. If you are looking to improve, the fresh perspective and expertise of a coach can be of great help to you. A coach can identify toxic habits and patterns that may have been overlooked by you, help you break them, and learn from the journey. The difference between a good performer and a great performer is in realising one’s true potential, and one can become the latter with a good coach by their side.”

Dr. Chawla always takes a personalized approach in all her projects that helps her create a sustainable relationship with the client. Because of her knowledge and experience, she is one of the most trusted and appreciated life coaches in the corporate sector. Her clients are spread all across the country as well as in Philippines and the US. Many reputed business establishments such as Accenture, Deloitte, GAIL and others have put their trust on her services in India. In order to spread emotional literacy and empower people, she has launched her venture EQ Advantage which shall cater to all needs of leaders to up their game by decoding emotions.

Looking at the Future
Dr. Chawla wants to carry along with the good work and gain more sustain ability in the market. Speaking of the future plans, she concludes, “I want to expand my services in the areas of emotional wellness coaching, leadership coaching and life coaching and bring in the most effective methods for the success of client organizations.”