Anish Rakheja : Unravelling True Qualities That Turn Leaders Into Legends

 Anish Rakheja,    FounderA growing entrepreneurial and advancing corporate culture in India is paving the way for executive coaching solutions in the nation. A domain that was, not too long ago, not widely known, is now rapidly growing. This progress comes with the growing pressures that executives and leaders face externally and internally to build a meaningful legacy, which impacts not only the company, industry or the environment but also for self-contentment. The daunting question of, ‘What legacy am I creating? What footprints am I going to leave behind?’ are motivating more companies and leaders to seek coaching solutions. These coaches are helping individuals cope with the pressures of the corporate world and becoming agile in their leadership to thrive and realize the true purpose of life and living.

However, the looming challenge of not experiencing improvement, and lacking accountability deters many from seeking professional guidance. To address this prevailing struggle is Anish Rakheja’s Krescon Coaches. Built on the pillars of confidentiality, accountability, and trust worthiness, the firm works with clients to dissolve rather than resolve, the reasons for which they seek remediation. Founded to enable professionals to leave a meaningful legacy behind which turns a leader into a legend, the company aims to become a transformational force in the clients’ lives.

Choosing Executive Coaching

Anish’s journey into becoming an executive coach can be traced back to the time when he was working in the corporate world. After completing his graduation from IIT Roorkee and thereafter securing an MBA from IIM Mumbai, Anish worked for over two decades in Fortune Five companies, learning the ins and outs of the corporate structure. During this time, he was also assigned a coach and witnessed the impact that one can derive from their guidance. Finally leaving his job in 2013, he started working in a few startups of his own while pursuing coaching on the side, eventually delving into executive coaching as his primary role inspired by the concept of legacy and legends, and forming Krescon Coaches. Today, Krescon has partners in 10 countries, catering to diverse clients and companies across the globe.

“The focus as we see for Krescon is unveiling the idea of playing the game of life in such a way that at the end of life, Life stands up and says ‘well played’. Our idea is to help our clients achieve a sense of fulfilment and contentment which can only come when one is convinced that they put their best foot forward in discovering who what they truly are. Although outcomes are not in our control, inputs are, hence the intent is to focus on what’s in our control for our reasonings and realizations”, shares Anish Rakheja, Founder, Krescon Coaches.

For transforming a leader into a legend, Anish identified that there is a need to create an environment that is free of judgment, but which may nudge individuals to truly reflect, and perhaps not always see the most flattering image. Comparing a coach to a mirror, he set out to unravel answers for his clients which only reveal themselves through targeted questions that prompt deeper introspection, empowering them to utilize this newfound awareness to chart out a remarkable journey.
“A quote which rings deep for me is that, ‘The goal isn’t to live forever; it is to create something that, ‘The It’s the legacy that should fuel one’s action be that physical, verbal, or mental. The idea of becoming a legend running deep and transforming oneself within and without. We at Krescon strive to help clients realize their basic nature which is contentment arising from completeness and is expressed through the Sanskrit word ‘Poorna’. Once a person has the realization, the terrors and temptations of the world does not deter him and the focus shifts to approaching the transactions with the intent of giving rather than wanting, dedicating rather than desiring, and offering rather than asking. This essential upgrade in our inner programming is what empowers leaders to create a meaningful legacy and to become a legend”, adds Anish.

Expertise of Krescon

Dedicated to coaching and guiding individuals, Krescon was established to provide clients with the assurance and insurance over the expertise and pedigree of the coaches. Every coach at Krescon is not only globally certified but also an industry veteran; ensuring a certain quality and excellence. This ensures that those guiding the clients are deeply understanding of the field in question, and adding genuine value. This commitment with which the company approaches executive and professional coaching is one of the things that elevates Krescon Coaches to the position of a trusted partner in an industry congested with simply transactional coaches and organizations.

Beyond the value system, the firm’s core operation strategy vested in the amalgamation of Science, Sanskriti, and Spirituality is another unique aspect. “When an individual is truly fit, across the five points of fitness as explained in the scriptures of the Indian knowledge systems including physical quotient (PQ), social quotient (SQ), emotional quotient (EQ), intellectual quotient (IQ), and spiritual quotient (SiQ), that is when they can remain in flow, and be stable to channelize their energies into the right direction. This is what we work on in Krescon Coaches through patented coaching frameworks like the ARISE model”, further shares Anish.

With decades of experience & expertise in the industry, krescon coaches emerges as a stalwart, guiding leaders at various levels through a journey of self fulfillment & contentment. Krescon aims to transform the concept of servant leadership into savant leadership, exemplifying a leader who is informed & aware

Implementing the specially designed NDP framework, the team assesses three data points to profile an individual including their natural tendencies which are assessed through their birth chart by using Vedic astrology principles, their mental conditioning through different psychometric tools, and lastly, the persona that the individual projects and captured through specially designed questionnaires. Utilizing the time-tested validations of ancient wisdom, the company creates extensive profiles for the clients, gaining an unfiltered insight into their individuality. A combination of these data points which complement and supplement each other is drawn out, to find the current standing of an individual, which is used to chart the path for growth and improvement.

In the context of service offerings, the firm’s services extend to three major categories including leadership grooming, executive coaching, and career mentoring. Under the purview of leadership grooming, the firm offers comprehensive services to groom individuals into future leaders, reiterating the concept of turning leaders into legends. Krescon aims to transform the concept of servant leadership into savant leadership, exemplifying a leader who is informed and aware. Under the umbrella of executive coaching, the importance of vision, values, identity, and purpose, which transform a leader into a VVIP are explored. Under the ambit of its career mentoring services, Krescon diverts from the widespread mass analysis methodologies that deliver cookie-cutter solutions to truly delve into the natural tendencies and inclinations of an individual acknowledging the unique strengths that each individual has and leveraging those to determine the best course of action for logical and informed career transitions.

Creating an Impact

With decades of experience and expertise in the industry, Krescon Coaches emerges as a stalwart guiding leaders at various levels through a journey of self-fulfillment and contentment. Through its distinctive and holistic approach to turning leaders into legends, and with a passion to harness India’s greatest contributions to the world: Sanskriti and Spirituality, for transforming careers and lives, the team is creating waves of impact that have the potential to not only shape future leaders, but also revolutionize the world as we see it. As the industry continues to grow, Krescon aims to chart its unique standing, not defined by metrics or restrictive labels.