VIT-AP University: Pursuing Knowledge & Excellence with Quality, Transformative Education

 Dr. G. Viswanathan,  Founder & Chancellor

Dr. G. Viswanathan

Founder & Chancellor

Albert Einstein once said, "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school". Today, the premise is that higher education plays are crucial for human development. Higher education helps one acquire analytical and problem solving skills which ultimately help humans to develop intellectual character and curiosity. It pushes students to set and identify career goals that make them ready to step into the professional world. Therefore, a quality higher education institutes are needed to enable economic and social well-being for a student. With a history of 37 years of innovation in the educational and research domain, VIT has been a forerunner in delivering quality education. Consistently ranked among the top educational institutes in the country, the VIT group of institutions has had a proud tradition of pursuing knowledge and excellence.

VIT-AP University began functioning in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh from the academic year 2017-18. Right from its inception, the University has carved a niche for itself as one of the fastest growing institutions of higher education in India. Spread across 100 acres, currently have seven schools offering 37 UG, PG, and Ph.D. programs in the areas of Engineering, Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Languages, Business, and Law. The campus hosts a cosmopolitan culture with its 8000+ students along with 450+ research scholars spread across 26 states of India and 10 foreign countries. VIT-AP obtained the approval of UGC in 2019, and now gearing towards National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) accreditation and NIRF.

From the academic year 2021-22, the University has come up with a unique academic feature ­ The design Your Degree program. "Our curriculum facilitates the students to choose Majors, Minors, as well as Specializations and also, for the first time in India, an option for Double Majors all within 4 years of their study. A Student from Mechanical Engineering can get a Minor in Artificial Intelligence or he can also get a second Major in Computers Science and Engineering", says Dr. S.V. Kota Reddy, Vice Chancellor at VIT-AP. This unique curriculum gives the opportunity of utmost flexibility for the students to excel in industry relevant areas while pursuing the courses of their choice.

Holistically Crafted Programmes
At VIT-AP, all programs have been carefully designed with a focus on curricular and co-curricular activities, industry requirements, and careers. The emphasis is on autonomous learning to enable the students to chart their courses. This is achieved through a fully flexible credit system in which students select courses, faculty, and timings to befit their interests and aspirations. The pedagogy and design of the curriculum for various programs were carried out with
valuable inputs from industry and academic experts. Each program is managed by experienced and caring faculty members who prepare students for a bright career, higher studies, and research.

A unique mentoring program is in place at the institute, where, a faculty member is assigned to a group of students as a mentor. The mentor not only helps a student in making informed decisions about his academic progress but also acts as a local guardian.

The students at VIT-AP are part of a digitized campus with an e-wallet, Wifi, digital library, smart classrooms and much more.

The university hosts 83 clubs and chapters run by students and faculty. The clubs are of both technical and non-technical nature and provide a platform for the students to unveil their skills and nurture their hobbies in a team driven, funoriented way. "Our students have participated in various national, international level Hack-a-thons, code-a-thons, workshops, cultural festivals, technical events, and more, and have won many accolades. The progress of every single student is monitored through a unique mentorship Program to ensure holistic development", adds Dr. S. V. Kota Reddy. Further, to strengthen the curriculum, research, training, industry collaboration, and also placements, the university has entered into partnerships with various organizations.

As a moral responsibility and support to the students who have lost their parent during Covid Pandemic, VIT-AP waived off the tuition fee for 25 students in the academic year 2021-22

Nourishing the Standards of Education
VIT-AP started in 2017 with a fully flexible credit system with the greatest freedom for students to choose their timetable. The curriculum is changed through frequent boards of studies and academic councils. The Council includes eminent educators, industrialists from India, and also those who have international experience. Also the Career Development Center(CDC) of the university provides and supports students in Placement & Training and also assists them in pursuing higher education. "Placement training is emphasized right from the first year of their joining through dedicated outsourced trainers as a part of their curriculum. Students are also offered industry certifications through NASSCOM courses by certified master trainers. Currently, over 40 certification courses are being offered to its students", says Dr. S. V. Kota Reddy. VIT-AP achieved 93 percent placements for the 2022 graduating batch.

The university also offers specialized scholarship opportunities. It offers complete free education including free boarding and lodging through Support the Advancement of Rural Students (STARS) scheme. "The scheme is intended to support the district toppers (boy & girl) from a Govt. Junior College located in rural areas. The scheme provides free education, books, laptop, boarding, and food to all the toppers. Currently, 98 students are (49 males and 49 females) supported under this program", says Dr. Jagadish Chandra Mudiganti, Registrar. The university also supports meritorious students through other scholarships such as G.V. Merit Scholarship, Rajeswari Ammal scholarships, and more. As a moral responsibility and support to the students who have lost their parents during Covid Pandemic, VIT-AP waived off the tuition fee for 25 students in the academic year 2021-22.

"We shall improve the world through transformative education and impactful research by fostering intellectual, empowered, accountable and caring workforce, producing outstanding graduates who are knowledge able, creative and compassionate and impacting Industry and society through innovative and collaborative work", concludes Dr. S. V. Kota Reddy.