Marwadi University: Empowering Students to Thrive in Life via Leading-edge Education System

Prof. Dr. R. B. Jadeja,   Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Prof. Dr. R. B. Jadeja

Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Technology

The ultra-modern, technologically advanced campus of Marwadi Education Foundation's Group of Institutions is one of the renowned Institutions that was founded in 2009, catering to the domains of Engineering, Management, Computer Applications, and other emerging fields. Intending to enhance human capabilities, and provide qualitative and industry relevant education along with the support of multi-disciplinary course offerings, the sponsoring body, Marwadi Education Foundation's Group of Institutions started being recognized as 'Marwadi University'since 2016.

The diverse culture at MU, which boasts students from more than 51 countries, makes it an excellent choice for a budding student to embark on a successful career. It is home to more than 10,000 students from 51 countries. Its effort to shape the students in the right way will undoubtedly deliver economic and regional success with the support of certified faculty members who are prepared to cater to the needs of the learners of the 21st century.

Academic Excellence
Marwadi University offers an array of courses, from Diplomas to UG and PG Engineering Degrees. MU also offers courses in Management, Science, Law, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Technology, Agriculture, Computer Applications, and Arts, in addition to Engineering. This gives the young and budding students a wide range to select from and plenty of choices to decide what they are interested in. Marwadi Education has state-of-the-art facilities including supercomputers, a contemporary library, and advanced labs such as the Intel Lab, iOS labs, and many more. With the assistance of its international educational partnership, the University takes its students down the path of advanced vocations through numerous seminars and exchange programs with these institutions.

Marwadi University creates an environment in which studying becomes enjoyable, motivating students to push themselves beyond their familiar surroundings. The university consistently emphasizes project based learning and engages with students about the relevance of practical knowledge. It also aims to connect realworld problems with engineering cases. "Although everyone might follow the traditional teaching method since Marwadi University provides practical and skillbased knowledge, the students outshine at different levels of life", signifies Prof. (Dr) R.B. Jadeja, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

Some unique learning experiences that the university has been providing are Basics of Electronics Engineering In this course, with the help of faculty members in Electronics
and Communication, it has implemented Project Based Learning. As an outcome, students have prepared various software based and hardware based projects. A project exhibition is held at the end of the course, where students can highlight their projects and motivate other students to work in the same direction. Computer Programming In this course, students are engaged through a series of active learning strategies with the help of the faculty of Computer Engineering. The project based learning approach is incorporated, and as a result, 48 projects have been developed by students. This demonstrates how its emphasis on practical teaching eventually enlightens students in the direction of constant endeavors.

Marwadi University creates an environment in which studying becomes enjoyable, motivating students to push themselves beyond their familiar surroundings

Teaching Methodologies at Par
At Marwadi University, a plethora of teaching methodologies has been initiated. The teaching approaches being employed have received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the students. For instance, activity-based learning, presentations, electrical machines, renewable energy sources, DC and AC drives, application of power electronics to power systems, and innovative methods of getting students engaged in the same. This also includes a three-layered educational paradigm, which ensures that students acquire key technical knowledge, and soft skills, and possess all the necessary qualities to achieve a successful career, instead of traditional semester end exams in subjects of Marwadi University. The unique three layered structure ensures that there are ample opportunities for every individual to learn educational and professional attributes as well.

Scholarships & Internship Opportunities
The Government of Gujarat and the Government of India offer various scholarship initiatives for socially disadvantaged groups such as SC, ST, and OBC, and scholarships in tuition fees and hostel fees are offered by the University. Apart from these schemes, the University has always supported students who have demonstrated their ability in academics, sports, and other activities. To encourage such students, the University has introduced many scholarship schemes for exhibiting outstanding performances in various fields. Meritorious students are always awarded a high amount of scholarship as a token of appreciation for their achievements. High scorers are offered rebates on their fees and are also awarded financial assistance so that they can know the worth and importance of their hard work and get encouraged to keep up the pace and do something extraordinary.

The Institute is a member of EdCIL(Educational Consultants India Limited), a Miniratna ­ category I Public Sector Undertaking in India under the administrative control of the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The University has joined Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) in order to engage students and staff members in understanding the various needs of society and providing effective solutions through engineering projects. Every semester, students are asked to create one project that focuses on community building. Through our Faculty Members and HoDs network students are provided internships in India and abroad, as well as every department and their faculty members make a collaborative effort to encourage the students to go for various types of Internship programs. The Faculty of Science provides specialized training at the Centre of Excellence. Along with this expert talks, seminars, and industry visits are also organized regularly.