SANFORT: Play-Fort for Toddlers with Spot-on Smart Learning System

S. K. Rathor, Founder & Managing Director,Kavita Rathor, Founder & Director

S. K. Rathor, Founder & Managing Director

Kavita Rathor, Founder & Director

Crècheis no new nomenclature in the league of modern parenting. From the era of ‘Flintstones’ of parenting to that of the ‘Jetsons’, the concept of playschool started decades back from the neighbourhood aunties’ house with no infrastructure and curriculum, which gradually ameliorated by organised chains with set structured & planned curriculum. Neuro-science research has shown that the early years (ages 0-5) are the most sensitive for the development of human brain. Over 90 percent development of the brain happen during early childhood years. And at this early age, more care and streamlined learning process is the requisite in order to make them the Albert Einstein and Homi Jehangir Bhabha's of tomorrow. Breaking the shackles and bridging the gap in the early learning space, SANFORT holds a strong brand identity in the field of early childhood learning and carewith ‘True Smart Learning System’ & ‘Touch N Learn’ technology, which makes learning more intuitive and fun filled. SANFORT is a pioneer accomplice of Trinity College London and member of Preschool Learning Alliance, U. K. and British Association of Early Childhood Education. Reaching nearly 150 schools in 22 states & two international locations in less than eight years, this Gaziabad based playschool incorporates U.K. Concept paradigm, which involves role-play and technology with out delinking the India cultural pheromone.

Today’s parents are more concerned than ever before about their child’s education and for their overall development. In an increasingly competitive landscape, children need to acquire a multitude of skills to become successful adults - from communication to coping with stress, to innovation and many others. Hitting the bulls eye, husband wife duo S. K. Rathor & Kavita Rathor started their first play school in 1999 with a bouquet of attraction, concepts and role play models for tiny tots based on the ‘play way’ methodology, the duo with a rich experience of over 10 years incepted their preschool brand SANFORT – The U.K. concept Pre-school chain in 2009. Though based on the substructure of U.K. Concept with British accreditation, SANFORT still imbibes Indian values which make the curriculum innovatively effective that helps it in adapting regular updates on the novelty in early education and trainings.

The Core Curriculum
SANFORT’s curriculum involves effective, time-tested elements of traditional learning infused with cutting-edge technology resources which abridges the learning gap. The curriculum is crafted in the hexagram of 'Core Value Circle' which helps children in the Refinement of their senses, Gross Motor Development, Creative Development, Social development, Psychological – Personality Development and Practical life care for Self, Others and for the Environment. SANFORT is the only preschool chain in the country with ‘True Smart Learning System’ where classrooms are enhanced to foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating Touch ‘N’ Learn technology & specially designed child friendly software. The classrooms are set up with world-class technology-enabled teaching tools equipped with large format audio-visual digital screens with the objective of making teaching more interesting and
effective. Children play on the touch panel with the specially designed software and simultaneously learn alphabets, numbers, shapes and many more. The children are taken in an ordered manner through the day to be able to give them a sense of routine to help them settle in a new environment in prospect.

Though based on the substructure of U.K. Concept with British accreditation, SANFORT still imbibes Indian values which make the curriculum innovatively effective that helps it in adapting regular updates on the novelty in early education and trainings

In association with Trinity College - London, SANFORT is the first ever Indian pre - school chain to hold Trinity Stars: Young Performers in English Awards to encourage the teaching and learning of English language through drama, music & performance for children who are starting to learn English and to offer them an international certificate at this early age. It acknowledges that each child is unique and considers their special needs and abilities. Hence every child is respected and their individuality and potentials are recognised, valued and nurtured. They are also encouraged to discover and develop their talents and interests in different areas like Painting, Pasting, Story Telling, Dressing Up, Role Play and many more. “We give equal opportunities to all the children and are committed to treat them in our care with equal concern and to make every attempt to meet their specific needs. To encourage kindness, consideration, tolerance and co-operation, we build an understanding of right and wrong behaviour," adjoins Kavita.

The Fun Fort
Furnished with brilliant, alluring and all around planned ideas for role playing activities in Doll House, Farm House, Pet House, Jungle and Puppet Corner, the SANFORT Activity Zone turns to be the best way of ‘learning while playing’ pedagogy with creative activities like Scribbling, Jumbles, Jigsaws, Building Blocks, Reading and much more. For the real time experiences, Educational tours and picnics are made part of SANFORT’s curriculum where they take their students to various places like Post Office, Bank & ATM, Fruit & Vegetable Market, Departmental Store/Mall, Parks, Zoo, and Doll’s Museumto give them real time familiarity so that they see, feel and experience while learning the things.

Not to de link kids from their cultural roots, SANFORT celebrates most of the national & regional festivals along with kids and their parents to help children learn about different traditions & cultures. “We strongly believe that a close partnership of school and parents greatly contribute in the child’s development. Frequent communication between teachers and parents enables to inform each other of relevant matters concerning the child,” attests Kavita. SANFORT has created an open door policy for parents to communicate easily with teachers, and discuss any matter related to the development of the child. The teachers are highly dedicated and are equipped with in-service orientation, education and training program, inter-school exchange program and many other skill up-gradation activities, thereby encouraging the development of each child by providing security and warmth emphasizing self-discipline.“Everything is designed to be at the teacher’s fingertips; the learning content, student progress, and parent communication are all managed within a mobile application,” adds
S.K. Rathor. Moreover, they also helps parents in search for a suitable formal school for their children by providing the detailed information on formal school admission procedure and all the queries related to it.

On the Up
Implying to 'Franchising Strategy' as a powerful recipe for scalability in the entire business world and winning formula for the franchisee and franchisor both, S.K. Rathor proclaims, “We have a brand and strategy that has been proven successful to attract and retain students, as well as excite and engage parents. We have strong branding, strong demographics research, and child-centric curriculum that parents love, which are the key factors, required to establish a successful preschool”. Thus today, SANFORT has a proven business model, refined strategies and a best support system in the industry, which is the key factor of the successful franchise business.

S. K. Rathor further adds, “The journey was not so easy; it cost a lot of investment, restless efforts and many sleepless nights but it gave us lots of learning, a successfully established brand and lots of appreciation & recognition”. In the wake of having a rock solid foundation and acing the compelling art of quality preschool education, SANFORT has entered into Primary & K-12 school space. SANFORT is rightly ranked no.1 preschool brand in Delhi for last two consecutive years and alongside the countless laurels on the way, it holds the World Education Award ‘17 for Leading Preschool Brand’. Bestowing upon thefact that quality education should not be restricted to metros or big cities, SANFORT targets to reach200 schools by the end of FY 2017-18 in tier-2 & tier-3 cities. Thus with all might and validation, SANFORT turns out to be the Titanic brand that every parent seek for their toddler. Set free your tiny-tot into the fort of SANFORT!

Key Management:
S. K. Rathor, Founder & Managing Director
S. K. Rathor(M.Sc. & M.Phil. in Physics and MBA in Marketing) is a regular speaker in major conferences and seminars on education and entrepreneurship in the country and abroad. Awarded as 'Entrepreneur of the Year'& 'India's Most Successful Educationist’ in Early Childhood Education in the year 2016 and ‘Edupreneur of the Year’ in 2017 he bestows on the commendable team he manages along with innovative prospectus of his organization.

Kavita Rathor, Founder & Director
Kavita holds a Masters in Education and is a well-known name in the field of early childhood education. She has been awarded as the ‘Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2015’ for her contribution in the field of education.

Offices: Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, Jammu and Ahmedabad

• Pre-School
• Children Day care Services
• Parenthood Counselling

Awards & Recognitions:
• Ranked no.1 preschool brand in Delhi for last two consecutive years
• Ranked no. 1 in the ‘Success in Preschool Franchise Business’ in 2017
• Awarded as 'Franchisor of the Year 2016' – School Education, 'Most Trusted Brand for Preschool of the Year', ‘Preschool Chain for Innovation & Value based Education’ & ‘Top Preschool Brand’
• Franchise Awards 2016 for ‘Emerging Franchisor of the Year’
• Indian Education Award 2016 for ‘Best Infrastructure in Early Childhood Education’
• World Education Award ‘17 for Leading Preschool Brand’ and many more