Thadomal Shahani Engineering College: Raising the Bar for Engineering Education through Academic Excellence

 Dr. Gopakumaran Thampi ,   PrincipalIn today’s rapidly evolving world, engineering colleges play a crucial role in nurturing not just skilled professionals but also visionary entrepreneurs and game changers. These individuals are vital for driving heightened levels of economic activity and fulfilling ever-increasing human aspirations. Engineering institutions such as Thadomal Shahani Engineering College empower students to drive change and spur economic growth by creating an atmosphere that fosters innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive. This emphasis on entrepreneurship not only enhances individual prospects but also plays a pivotal role in advancing the socio-economic development of both local communities and entire nations.

Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC) stands as an ICONOCLATIC entity creating and charting out its own path for productive engagement of pupils for academic excellence, innovation, and social empathy led by Dr. G T Thampi. Guided by its rich heritage and driven by a commitment to excellence, the college continues to inspire and empower generations of engineers who are poised to make a meaningful impact on the world.

The following is an excerpt from Dr. G T Thampi’s exclusive conversation with Siliconindia magazine regarding Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC).

Give us a brief overview of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College. What was the motivation behind its establishment?

Established in 1983, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC) traces its roots to the vision of Sindhi migrants passionate about education. Under the leadership of Principal K.M. Kundnani, an Engineering college was founded in Bandra after establishing numerous institutions of repute in the city of Mumbai and its suburbs, marking the inception of TSEC. Today, as part of the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board, TSEC is one of 14 institutes dedicated to higher education. Rooted in philanthropy, TSEC offers programs in engineering, pharmacy, science, arts, and commerce, contributing significantly to the nation-building process.

What academic programs does TSEC offer, and how do these programs cater to the various needs of students?

Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC) offers a diverse range of academic programs tailored to build a Supply Chain of Human Capital for industries, Government agencies, and businesses. With a focus on emerging and nascent technologies, our programs include Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics & Telecommunication, and traditional disciplines like Chemical Engineering. These offerings are strategically designed to align with industry demands, providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary for career opportunities and post-graduate studies.
Whether catering to the domestic market or facilitating opportunities abroad, TSEC is committed to nurturing human capital and fostering intellectual growth to contribute to the nation’s development and global competitiveness.

What distinguishes TSEC as the top ranked college for engineering? Explain your USP.

TSEC distinguishes itself as a premier engineering college through its relentless commitment to fostering competencies in problem-solving and, a high degree of emotional and intellectual maturity. Since 2010, nudged coding competency, recognizing it as the single most important mental faculty to be strengthened by an Engineering graduate. Our unique Hackathon programs both intra-collegiate and inter-collegiate, a 48-72 hour intensive coding challenge, cultivates real-time problem-solving abilities and helps learners to develop insights into functional areas. Moreover, we emphasize social responsibility, instilling empathy, and awareness of societal dynamics through outreach programs and environmental initiatives. By nurturing a culture of inclusivity, democratic governance, and extracurricular engagement, we shape graduates who transcend conventional norms, emerging as well-rounded professionals poised to make a productive impact in the world.

TSEC distinguishes itself as a sought-after engineering college in Mumbai through its relentless commitment to contribute to the supply chain of Human Capital fostering competencies in problem-solving & environmental conscious- ness graduate to local & global market place

Could you provide insights into the campus life at TSEC, including the range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and events available to students?

At TSEC, our campus life thrives with a diverse range of societies and clubs, each offering unique opportunities for student engagement. While we maintain responsible boundaries, ensuring activities align with our values and obligations, students enjoy a vibrant extracurricular scene. From cultural societies to technical clubs like the Computer Society of India, IETE, ISTE, CodeTantra, Codecell, Code storm, and Electroverse there is something for everyone. Our students actively participate in intercollegiate events and festivals, consistently showcasing their talents and securing top honors. Despite being a standalone college, TSEC excels on regional and national platforms, a testament to our focused rehearsal and concerted efforts.

What are some of the notable achievements and awards received by TSEC?

TSEC boasts numerous accolades and recognitions, often securing top positions in prestigious competitions and rankings. Our institution has been consistently placed among the top contenders by renowned rating agencies, earning commendations for excellence. Additionally, our commitment to innovation is highlighted by multiple victories in Hackathon competitions at both regional and national levels. These achievements underscore our dedication to academic excellence and serve as a testament to the talent and hard work of our students and faculty a like.

What are TSEC’s plans to adapt to the constantly evolving industry landscape? Could you outline your roadmap for the future?

TSEC’s approach to adapting to the dynamic industry landscape involves a systematic strategy. We continuously monitor market trends, identifying emerging technologies and industry shifts. Through proactive teacher training programs, we ensure our faculty stay updated and equipped to teach cutting-edge subjects, including AI and coding. Our emphasis on understanding international agreements and market dynamics informs our curriculum development, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. By integrating cognitive learning theories, we optimize the learning process, eliminating non-value-adding activities. Our focus remains on empowering learners to thrive in the evolving marketplace, driving productivity and innovation. To cut the story short, we perpetuate our everyday ‘Discourse’ on building collective consciousness, competencies in problem solving, virtues of lifelong learning, and the necessity of developing energy-efficient algorithms for machine learning, quantum computing, and blockchain.