Tabschool: Building a Cohesive Technology Platform for Students, Teachers & Experts

Harshpal Singh Khurana, Founder & CEOChanges call for innovation and innovation leads to progress.With a clear-cut vision of creating an efficient digital learning environment, education can be revolutionized from its grassroots. One such visionary enterprise is Tabschool Education. Providing a seamless digital connectivity between the students, teachers and experts using highly sophisticated digital tools, Tabschool is making waves in the Education App industry. With its central idea of enabling students learn quickly with ease, the company empowers the modern-day learnersgain knowledge on any subject in the most enjoyable and intuitive way possible.

The Unique Offerings
Today’s education system by following rudimentary methods is falling short of keeping up with the rapidly growing competitive world. As a result,people are gravitated towards modern ways of learning. Tabschool plays a pivotal role by bringing experience based learning to the mainstream by providing interactive videos, Flash Cards, Charts, Timelines and MCQs, which enables interactive learning. A real-time learning analytics system helps gauge various psychological factors which
include true orientation and motivation of a student, their learning habits, interests, dislikes and others. These analytics can be used to review the performance of a student and modulate the teaching methods if required. Timid and shy students are also noticed in the process and given special attention to, to improve their communication skills and further along their social behavior.

Tab school’s proprietary canvas called ‘Classfeed’ enables teachers to develop customized content like assignments using ‘drag-n-drop’ method, and send it to their students

Tabschool’s proprietary canvas called ‘Classfeed’ enables teachers to develop customized content like assignments using ‘drag-n-drop’ method, and send it to their students, which can be saved by the students to access offline, along with their preexisting notes. By this, teachers and the students can interact cohesively, in person, hence keeping the students on their toes,making the process all the more efficient. Additionally its fee payment feature enables students to pay their fees online with installment options.

With a firm focus on providing an efficient learning eco space and to improve student’s ability to learn, Tabschool sets themselves apart from the hoi polloi in the educational industry who
predominantly focus on the administrative part of it. Providing a one-stop shop for all its stake holders in an ever so scattered ed-tech market, the company is mitigating the hassle for the parents to choose the right institution of their children to get educated in.

Innovation is the only way to ensure a sustained future; well-versed this statement, Tabschool is planning on bringing all their social activities the students indulge in, online. Further, opening their platform for educational publishers, the enterprise plans on vastly extending their limited content library. Making the most of our government’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives, Tabschoolhas managed to provide quality education for the masses for nominal charges and has seen a revenue growth of 10 percent in the last quarter, which is a good number for a non-funded new enterprise.

Founded in July, 2016 and headquartered in Chandigarh, Tabschool has spread its wings to Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana, with its success peaking interests from Rajasthan, Uttrakhand and the North Eastern states. Being one of the leading platforms for students, educational institutes and the ed-app segment, Tabschool is well aware that there is much to learn. Coming up with new products in addition to preexisting ones, the enterprise is set to cater to children from the age groups of three to 12 by July this year, and scale up massively within this financial year. “We listen to our clients and try to incorporate features within our platform to benefit them,” concludes Harshpal Singh Khurana, Founder & CEO, Tabschool.