SyncWorks: The Face of the Next Big e-Learning Revolution

Punya Raheja,Founder & Owner

Punya Raheja

Founder & Owner

The global e-Learning market is booming and anticipates a surge of $243 billion by 2022. In fact, the online education segment in India is all set to become a multi-billion dollar opportunity, reflecting to buck-up at $1.96 billion by 2021. These figures clearly indicate the paradigm shift in learning – from traditional classroom learning to one that is more on-the-go and self-driven.

Technology has redefined the way we learn and has opened more opportunities in the education market. And catering to this is, , Mumbai-based SyncWorks, a 2013 establishment, thrives for transformation by creating evolved learning experiences for the current hard-pressed and on-the-go audiences. Bustling with ingenious ideas to create a niche, SyncWorks is a team of passionate enthusiasts who diversified into multiple verticals like creative content, corporate facilitation, brand & brand communication besides e-Learning.

Catering to a wide spectrum of audiences, the company primarily collaborates with organizations and works with their confidential content and internal processes. Recognizing the demand for participants to gain sundry knowledge besides their expertise,
SyncWorks proffers cross-functional courses based on assessments conducted at the level of client organization as well as the participants. Targeting the self-paced learning challenge, SyncWorks further curates broken-down byte-sized modules to suit end-user preferences along with dynamic assessment parameters to check progress, meeting the objectives of both parties.

"Aiming not just at diversifying the way of working with content, SyncWorks also aims at enriching and expanding the team with varied skill sets."

To this holistic approach, Punya Raheja, Founder & Owner, SyncWorks avers, “We work withtwo primary peg points - communication and formats. Taking from the rate at which content is consumed, by whom it is consumed, and the preferred formats in which people like consuming the same, we aim to diversify the formats used in learning content. The idea is to make it as customized and personalized as possible.”

The Dynamic Software Orientation
Catering to clientele right from college students to senior management in top corporate organizations, SyncWorks offers blogging, website content, and communication strategy for internal and external engagement as part of its content marketing services. High-level designs, story boarding, the creation of learning aids and end-to-end development of the modules frame a part of its plethora of e-Learning services. Besides this, they also cater to in class learning via corporate facilitation, offsite training, skill-enhancement, and educational workshops. Their corporate
engagement offerings also include employer brandingand employee engagement solutions.

As opposed to the traditional approach towards learning, SyncWorks keeps up with the dynamics of the industry’s changing nature. It emphasizes on more interactive and simulative content while keeping the tonality conversational and straight forward. Striking convenience with a well-established understanding of the different learning styles, the company ensures to include engaging elements to the e-Learning contents by adding unique & creative learning-oriented activities. It utilizes simple software to build and manage quick content that aids better responses and allows one to update the content regularly. Punya thereby states, “With AI being used in every industry in some format or the other, we are currently working on content scripts that help train chatbots to be more responsive, humane and accurate.”

Diversification paves the way
Aiming not just at diversifying the way of working with content, SyncWorks also aims at enriching and expanding the team with varied skill sets. Workplace fluidity and the lack of stringent organizational hierarchy foster a work culture that is conducive of continuous learning – be it developing new styles of writing or staying abreast with the industry trends. With these goals well set in place, what started as a sole proprietorship five years ago is now a meticulous team of 25 that has led the company to a 100 percent YOY growth over the past three years. In their words, “While we’ve come a long way, our story is still a WIP, and like always, we’re game for more!”