Sweet and Sour Oranges: A Child's Best Learning Partner

From birth to age five, a child’s brain develops 90 percent, which is more than at any other time in the kid’s life. Alongside, the quality of a child’s experiences in this early years help shape how their brain develops. Hence it is important that we provide them the perfect platform according to age to learn, experience and grow in a holistic way. Providing exactly this is Mumbai-based Sweet and Sour Oranges(SSO) Preschool and Day Care. Working with the goal to provide the child with the right tools necessary to begin their formal education in school, SSO provides a loving, encouraging environment to foster learning experiences from group participation to individual creativity to the development of new skills. As a guiding light, the school helps child obtain greater independence, social competence and self-fulfilment.

Holistic Learning
SSO understands that kid’s need changes with age, and hence has crafted specific physical and learning activities for each age group. With Preschool for kids between18 months five years(Play Group, Nursery, Lower KG and Upper KG), Day Care (eight months-12 years), Activity Center (18 months-five years) and Skill Center (18 months-five years), the school offers half day programs for children, which include both physical and learning activities.

Kids early years are the best opportunity for their brain to develop the connections they need to be healthy, capable and successful, which becomes much harder with age. Hence, SSO offers developmental program based on learning through play activities and
Shalaka Shanmugam, Principal
interaction with others. It has appropriately planned learning activities that fit the developmental needs and abilities of each child. One of them is FREE PLAY, which enables a child to learn to share, co-operate, wait for a turn, listen and follow directions. “Our GROUP LEARNING program helps stimulate language development and creativity, whilst instil patience,” adds Shalaka Shanmugam, Principal, Sweet and Sour Oranges.

SSO offers developmental program based on learning through play activities and interaction with others

The school comprehends the importance of play in a child’s overall development. Hence it encourages indoor and outdoor play to help large muscle development and co-ordination. This activity also helps kids learn to share and communicate with others, and develop social skills, despite them engaging in parallel play within the group, thus making their growth years overwhelming. Further SSO’s Activity Center provides two/three hours of art & craft, park plays, sports, toys & dolls, magic shows and music & video. “We also offer Stay Back facility(daycare) after school hours until 8 PM on all days except Sundays,” Shalaka explains further. Such profound activities and programs developed with precision is making SSO one of the most sought preschool and daycare center in the city of dreams.