Sweven Montessori: A Mentor Fueling the Inquisitive Young Minds

Geeta Harisinganey, Co-Founder & Head - Curriculum

Geeta Harisinganey

Co-Founder & Head - Curriculum

The traditional regime of cramming & testing followed in most institutions today is crushing the young children’s instincts to learn and fails to muscle the mind with appropriate adaptive skill sets, counting in empathy and creativity. To invert the scenario of dragooning a child into a mechanized process, Sweven Montessori was started by Mala Sharma (Founder) & Geeta Harisinganey(Co-Founder & Head of Curriculum), which is cultivating probing minds for greater possibilities, before they are snoozed permanently. Mala strongly believes, “We are preparing a passionate flight for every child on the wings of holy courage & responsibility, fueled by rational beliefs & undaunted confidence.”

As per the literal connotation of ‘Sweven’, the ‘dream/vision’ of the Sweven Montessori is driving it to present a differential attribute by promoting dynamic learning. Montessori Pedagogy being its foundation stone, the school believes in self-learning where the children are free to make mistakes and can learn by apprehending their inquisitive selves. Furthermore, Sweven Montessori offers personalised interaction & presentations to support every child’s unique style. Maintaining a child centric approach, it supports the children’s development needs with various programs including Parent Toddler scheme (six months to two years), Toddler program(18 months to two years),
Primary(2.5 to six years), Elementary (six to nine years) and All Day Montessori (2.5 years to nine years).

Alluring Arena
As premises play an important role in augmenting a child’s ability to act confidently and pro-socially, Sweven Montessori took the call to provide an enriched environment for the children. Interiors are generously spaced and equipped with age-appropriate, curated materials to impart sensorial stimulation & improve fine motor skills. While the beautiful outdoor areas nearby the school is used for free-play, games, music, gardening, lunch & gross motor activities, its inhouse sand pit & water play aid in the improvement of children’s problem solving skills.

Montessori Pedagogy being its foundation stone, the school believes in self learning, where the children are free to make mistakes and can learn by apprehending their inquisitive selves

Sweven Montessori also engages the children with recreational activities(art & craft and yoga sessions), which has well perceived benefits in developing social skills. Noting the fact that phonetic punctuations are sharpest at the age of three, it also holds foreign language classes (French) for the toddlers accompanied by weekly physical training and music sessions, which are compulsory for all. Further, to groom future-ready children, Sweven Montessori has an All Day Montessori Program which identifies their unique interest and permits them to pick their choice of activities (cooking, dancing, martial arts and more). Since this program accommodates multi age groups, it encourages social communications at different level, to exchange scholastic viewpoints, thereby developing their social and emotional self.

“Our team compromises of passionate individuals from the education industry, who are formerly certified from AMI Montessori board,”states Mala. To improve their demonstration skills, they have to attend regular inhouse trainings and various workshops, online & offline.

As parents play an important role in shaping a child’s confidence and aptitude, they are regularly updated on their child’s activities and the school conducts family field trips to encourage community living. Presently, the school is experiencing a steady stream of admissions from the locales of Powai and in the process to create a synergistic eco-system by collaborating to improve the opportunities for children and their families.