Sunder Education Society (Seshps): Leveraging Advanced Teaching Methods based on Creativity, Critical Thinking & Communication

  Ashwin Dasa,   President

Ashwin Dasa


India currently has the largest population in the world in the age bracket of 5-24 and holds a significant place in the global education industry. The country is home to 1.4 million schools, enrolling over 70 million students in less than two decades. However, the lack of quality budget-proof educational institutions remains a challenge. Bengaluru-based Sunder Education Society popularly known as SES English School, Higher & Primary(SESHPS) has been working to bridge this gap since its establishment. Established in memory of the Late Sunder Raj, D. Ravindranath a sibling, wished to continue the deeds that started SESHPS. They have been educating since 1981 as an English Medium School.

“The institution was created in the interest of helping the children to grow and develop their inherent talents and installing in them a sense of righteousness, discipline, and duty to the neighborhood and The Mother land. We are proud to say that we have accomplished it to date and will continue to do so”, says Ashwin Dasa, President of SESHPS. Society believes in excellence and rewarding the deserving. Equal attention and importance are given to fitness and cultural activities along with Education. The students who score more than 85 percent (Distinction) in their S.S.L.C Board Examination have been receiving gifts/scholarships from their well-wishers as a token of encouragement. That encourages the current students to achieve as well. SESHPS also organizes medical checkup camps on a regular basis with help of doctors willing to provide service in schools. “The students in our schools today are intelligent, independent, and extremely capable. They are skilled with technology and comfortable with global and intercultural communication”, says Ashwin.

Collaborative Learning Space
Some of the school’s facilities include a fully equipped computer laboratory, an Audio-Visual Room to bring alive the lessons in the classroom, and an auditorium to perform dance, skits, debates, quizzes, singing, theatre, and all group activities. The school also hosts Talk Shows and invites Achievers from different cadres to share their
experiences with the students. SESHPS has strived to build an environment that is conducive to a child’s upbringing. The nature of its academic curriculum encourages students to be thoughtful and scientific in their approach, while it also enables them to be concerned about the intangible aspects of life. “Our mission is to identify the INNER POTENTIAL in every individual and create a LEADER of them and our vision is to impart wisdom and create an experience to kindle the INNER-SELF in the child. We do this by standing by our principles to ensure discipline in all aspects of life and to create an INSPIRING CAREER, by the power of CHOICE”, adds Ashwin.

SESHPS has strived to build an environment that is conducive to a child’s upbringing which enables students to be concerned about the intangible aspects of life

Besides, SESHPS’ faculty members are not just educators, but mentors and guides who are committed to helping each student reach their full potential. They believe that every student has unique talents and abilities, and work tirelessly to help them discover and develop these gifts. The team at SESHPS has also been committed to fostering a sense of community within its school.

“We believe that education is not just about academic achievement but also about developing social skills and relationships”, says Ashwin. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore the knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential. For Nursery, LKG, and UKG, the school maintains a healthy teacher-student ratio for personal attention as well as for healthy competition. Programs are designed to teach by play, songs, sports, and creative activities to help them with their perceptual motor skills & cognitive skills. They learn to be disciplined, eat by themselves, enjoy singing, and music, and learn alphabets, numbers, rhymes & stories. Overall, they enjoy coming to school. A Child’s mind is like a sponge and absorbs knowledge readily. We enjoy taking advantage of that. Celebrations like Fruit Day, Color Day, Grandparents Day, festivals, Field Trips, and more activities fill their days at SESHPS.

“Bringing our school into the 21st century requires taking the lead instead of trailing behind, actively seeking out new ways of doing things, and staying in touch with the world outside of the education system. Change on a broad scale requires leadership in the classroom and across the school community, but every teacher can take steps immediately to help their students succeed”, says Ashwin. SESHPS is currently, therefore, focusing largely on delivering a 21st-century education by giving students the skills they need to succeed in this new fast changing world, also helping them grow the confidence to practice those skills. Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, and Collaboration are the four themes that are overlaid across all curriculum mapping and strategic planning at SESHPS.