Srishti Robotics Technology: Providing Better STEM Education and Training for Future Entrepreneurs and Quality Professionals

Sunil Paul,CEO
The old school techniques and curriculums are somewhere losing their existence in India. Today, there is a large gap between theoretical syllabus and practical training, to bridge this gap the trainers and schools are introducing STEM education to the students. The transition is visible, the educators are preparing students to face the upcoming revolution of Technology and Artificial Intelligence. STEM education develops the problem solving, creativity and innovative thinking skills of the students, and this technique of providing knowledge is been largely accepted by the Indian students.

Established in 2014, Srishti Robotics Technology is one of the best institution in Kerala providing robot programming and training to students. Being an expert in STEM education and Robotics Automation Company in India, Srishti Robotics Technologies develop their own curriculum to conduct training programs. “We generally teach the students from basic programming to advanced level programming, also we motivate the students to take up different projects and they can create their own programs as well. Initially, we teach them a few basic experiments and later they have to find out a problem and make a solution for that. Basically, we conduct training and then organize robotics competition in association with RoboRAVE International, USA”, states
Sunil Paul, CEO, Srishti Robotics Technologies.

Being a prominent STEM education provider for many years Srishti Robotics Technologies, designs and set-up STEM learning facilities with state of art, electronics and machinery. Also, provides an experiential learning syllabus that will guide the students on topics from regular academics. The team of experienced trainers assists the students in ideation, design thinking, computational thinking and physical thinking. Srishti Robotics Technologies uses advanced technologies like Humanoid Robots, Drones, Machine Learning, Artificial Learning and many others to provide quality STEM education to students. Also, Srishti Robotics Technologies tutors students for national level robotics competitions, science fairs and entrepreneurial challenges organized by higher institutions like NITs, IITs and IIMs. It also helps various schools in setting up and organizing STEM Labs and training.

“The majority of the STEM learning providers in the country are following one standard syllabus, but we at Srishti Robotics Technologies have created our own set of programs and syllabus using the latest technologies and with the help of the R&D department. Also, the team has more than 10 years of experience in developing a curriculum based on industry requirements, Srishti Robotics Technologies is providing STEM education to the students from grade 3 to engineering students and professionals”, adds Sunil.

Srishti Robotics Technologies offers STEM education in association RoboRAVE International USA, Ras Algethi, UAE and MITE Group, Qatar. Till now Srishti Robotics Technologies has trained more than 15,000 students across India and is expanding its operations to Dubai and Qatar and a branch in the US. Alongside Srishti Robotics Technologies is working with RoboRAVE International, to create new challenges for the students which will help them in participating and learning new technologies, across the globe. Also, Srishti Robotics Technologies is now authorized in conducting RoboRAVE Competitions in India and Middle East countries. Adding to this the company is listed in Top 10 Robotics Company in India.

“In the STEM sector new technologies are coming day-by-day so, getting updated about the latest trends is one of the most important things. To keep ourselves updating, we usually participate in competitions at both National and International levels. Our team is working closely with the students to create new experimental setups so creative learning is a major part of STEM education and we are also learning with the children”, concludes Sunil Paul.