Robotix Learning Solutions: STEM Courses Designed to Motivate, Inspire and Engage Students with Interesting Projects

Aditi Prasad, COO/CIO, Ramanaprasad,CEOIndian education is expected to reach US $ 180 billion by 2020 while the digital elearning market with around 9.5 million users is expected to be US $ 1.96 billion by 2021. More than 75 percent of the jobs created in the current market require basic skills in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics otherwise known as STEM. Though there are numerous standard technologies available in the education sector, there is a gap when it comes to innovation, problem-solving and technology between the theoretical courses and practical assessment. STEM focussed education in the country is limited, therefore this is raising demand for STEM education to fill in the talent gap.

Established in 2010, Robotix Learning Solutions is a renowned STEM education provider, with a vision of a league of technophiles that is ready to teach the world a new way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The various integrated programs and products/tools that are offered by Robotix Learning Solutions are Phiro Unplugged, Phiro Pro, Playbits Mynd Works Kit, Playbits CSTEM kit, Robobricks CSTEM Kit, Robobricks Little Inventor Kit, STEM Maker Kit and My CSTEM Book. Robotix has various modules that have been categorized into three different age groups such as Primary, Middle School and High School.

Further, Coding & Robotics will always be the major flagship modules, Robotix adapts projects like ‘robotics tasks the creation of robotic models and programming’, to the academic curriculum of the schools. Another flagship module is the DSDL (Data Science Data Lab), which enables kids to
explore the happening world of Data Science. The projects involve the collection & visualization of data followed by analysis.

The latest flagship module is that of Artificial Intelligence. Through a combination of coding, robotics and AI hardware & software, Robotix is providing the students with a way to explore a technological area that is slowly becoming a daily part of their lives and how applications that utilize Artificial Intelligence should be used responsibly.

“The latest technology that we are working on is adapting Artificial Intelligence into the classroom through robots, AI coding platforms and other AI hardware such as Autonomous vehicles, Independent robots and more. Our robotics modules make use of various kinds of educational robots right from conventional robotics projects that will introduce students to programming a robot to building humanoid type robots and programming their functions. Adding to this, in the SmartFx module, we have introduced lessons in autonomous vehicles as to how vehicles can navigate and traverse pathways on their own. Our Data Science module also utilizes the latest in data logging, data visualization and analysis technology,” elucidates Aditi Prasad, COO/CIO, Robotix Learning Solutions.

Aditi Prasad, COO/CIO
Robotix has partnered with various organizations and individuals to make nextgeneration learning solutions available for children for all the schools across the globe. Some of the best tie-ups of Robox Learning Solutions are Ford, Amazon, Ashok Leyland School, American International School and many others successful tie up across major cities in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Japan, and Korea.

Being the only company from India to have designed and manufactured so many award winning Make In India products, Robotix Learning Solutions has achieved numerous milestones in its growth. Elucidating Ramanaprasad, CEO says, “Phiro was selected by INTEL USA as America’s greatest makers. Playbits were selected by BETT 2019 UK as a finalist, also Playbits was honored with the Gold category by MOM’s Choice Awards, USA. Aditi Prasad received the Digital Women’s Awards in 2015 for her work with the Indian Girls Code and Robotix. Indian Girls Code initiative was recognized by Niti Aayog as a part of their ‘Women Transforming India’ program.”