ST. Joseph North Point : Emphasizing a Holistic Development & Well-being of Students

 Fr. Stanley Varghese,   Rector & Principal

Fr. Stanley Varghese

Rector & Principal

In today's dynamic educational landscape, parents are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role that quality education plays in the holistic development of their children. This awareness has led to a surge in the enrolment of students in boarding schools across India, with over 5000 such institutions currently catering to diverse educational needs. In this expansive realm of elite and culturally rich boarding schools, one institution that shines brightly is St. Joseph North Point (SJNP).

Nestled in the scenic hill station of Darjeeling, West Bengal, St. Joseph North Point boasts a rich legacy and traditions dating back to its foundation in 1888 by Fr. Henry Depelchin. The school's philosophy, rooted in the amalgamation of local and British educational principles, sets it apart. Guided by Jesuit fathers, SJNP has consistently paved the way for students to excel in various domains since its inception.

"The vision is our education is inspired by Jesus and our Founder, with the goal of providing holistic education for our students to create a just and humane society. Our school motto is in Latin ‘Sursum Corda’ which means, ‘Lift up Your Hearts’. To offer holistic education, fostering humane gestures in society. Our mission strives for
academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical excellence to shape men for others, a core value in Jesuit education", explains Fr. Stanley Varghese, Rector and Principal.

Within the sprawling SJNP campus, students benefit from a plethora of amenities enhancing their overall learning experiences. These include well-designed auditoriums, an extensive gymnasium, an infirmary, state-of-the-art smart classrooms, artistic museums, well stocked libraries, and fully equipped laboratories. The school also boasts top-notch sports facilities for football, cricket, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and athletic tracks. Cultural development is fostered through a range of activities in art, drama, music workshops, and creative clubs.

One exceptional feature of SJNP is the pastoral care provided to each child from a tender age. The eligibility criteria for admission, beginning from Class-3 or Class-6, ensures that students develop camaraderie and a sense of belongingness towards the school community. SJNP is dedicated to nurturing the intellect, character, and skills of its students through rigorous selection processes, including written tests and interviews with dignitaries. The school also offers various scholarships for meritorious students. Some of the awards SJNP has bagged include being ranked in the Top Ten Boarding Schools of India. It has also won awards for ‘Water harvesting’, ‘Green Initiatives’, and ‘Value for Money’ reasons.

"As we look ahead, our vision for 2025 is to make North Point the place of no failure. This involves the comprehensive preparation of our teachers and students. In 2024, declared the 'Year of Values', we aim to instil essential values in our students, empowering them to lead weekly assemblies, assist in classes, and collaborate with teachers. We prioritize wholesome food and cultural inclusivity for every child entering our institution. These initiatives will undoubtedly elevate our standing in the educational landscape", concludes Stanley.