ST. Jude's Global: Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders with Excellence

  Sneha Sajen,    Principal

Sneha Sajen


Established in the year 2000, St. Jude's Global School (SJGS) is an outstanding CBSE Residential school that stands as a beacon for nurturing confident individuals equipped with wisdom, knowledge, skills, and values essential for creating global leaders. SJGS aims to nurture every student to become academically excellent, spiritually sound, ethically upright, emotionally balanced, and socially responsible citizens. SJGS embraces a student centered approach, encouraging active student involvement in planning, implementation, and assessment.

The school stands as the cornerstone of societal development, playing a crucial role in shaping the future by imparting knowledge, fostering critical thinking, and nurturing well-rounded individuals. Beyond academic education, SJGS provides a structured environment for social interaction, character development, and the cultivation of essential life skills. They serve as hubs for creativity, curiosity, and personal growth, laying the foundation for a prosperous and harmonious society. In this landscape of educational importance, SJGS stands out as an institution that goes beyond conventional paradigms. Committed to excellence, SJGS not only delivers top-notch academic education but also places a profound emphasis on holistic development.

Based in Kottayam, Kerala and founded by the visionary minds of Sneha Sajen and Sajen John, SJGS emerged as a beacon of transformative education, driven by a commitment to providing unlimited opportunities for every child to unlock their fullest potential. Originating as a modest Play School in a home garage with just 6 students in the year 2000, Principal Sneha Sajen's genuine passion for children propelled the institute's continuous growth from Play School to Grade XII offering three different streams Science, Commerce & Humanities, surpassing expectations and garnering the trust of parents.

SJGS stands apart with its dedicated commitment to holistic development, fostering the growth of not only academic excellence but also practical life skills, personal qualities, talents, and overall well-being. The institute's comprehensive development plan encompasses the mind, soul, and physical wellness of both students
and staff. The school's teaching-learning methods, rooted in brain-friendly techniques and informed by the latest research findings, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP), create a positive and inclusive atmosphere for students. "We strive to create a stimulating, child-centered environment enriched with global resources, partnering with legal global institutions for holistic education and development.

We offer Revision and Reinforcement Programme which focuses on transition from temporary memory to permanent memory based on the importance of the topic. ICE (Innovation, Creativity & Edutainment) Programme that transforms children to become Innovative, Creative, and joyful. The ICE Activities will be led by students for the students to develop a culture of innovation, creativity, and quality covering different pragmatic aspects of our lives. The last working day of every month will be a class-free day exclusively allotted for ICE. We also offer maximum opportunities with regard to streams, electives/skilled subjects, CCA (Co-curricular Activities), JAS (Judean After School), EDP (Extended Day Program), and Focus Group Assistance (FGA) Programme. We organize inter-school competitions like the ‘ASTRAMACS’ commerce fest, ‘SCHOLEX’ Science Exhibition", asserts Sneha Sajen, Principal of SJGS.

At St. Jude's Global School, our aim is to nurture academically excellent, spiritually sound, ethically upright, emotionally balanced & socially responsible citizens

“At SJGS, we take immense pride in our commitment to transparency, evident in our open approach towards admissions, eligibility criteria, and fee structures all of which are readily available on our school website. Admissions adhere strictly to our policies, considering a student's aptitude, attitude, and compatibility with our existing student body. For academically challenged students, we've implemented a thoughtful system, categorizing them into groups such as Shining Stars, Shooting Stars, and Twinkling Stars based on their support needs”, adds Sneha.

The school's approach includes project-based learning, where students engage in open-ended questions fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and decision-making skills. Cooperative learning, with its focus on group work, enhances social skills as students collaborate from various perspectives. SJGS also places a strong emphasis on personalized education, tailoring learning plans to each student's unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Beyond the classroom, the school prioritizes experiential learning through programs like the Sky Radio, Council Meetings, and initiatives such as the Honesty Shop, Rainbow Program, Roots and Wings Holistic Training, Leadership and Management Program, and practical life skills training.

Tomorrow's leaders require a global perspective, and the institution is committed to provide unlimited diverse opportunities at its best to prepare them achieve their life’s choices.