Sri Venkateshwar International School: Shaping Every Child's Future with Multiple Intelligence

Sailander Solanki, Chairman ,Nita Arora, Principal

Sailander Solanki, Chairman

Nita Arora, Principal

Set against a challenge to the educational system that assumes that uniform, universal measure would suffice to test student learning, SVIS has inclusive and differential learning-teaching environment where learners of different ability, subject-wise are guided to realize their potential and gifted students get more challenging assignments. Sailander Solanki, Chairman, Sri Venkateshwar International School, asserts, “Constant impetus is given for over all well-being and development of the students through adequate activities directed towards mental, emotional, social and physical fitness through life-skill sessions along with sports, yoga and meditation sessions”.

Every Head’s Potential Matters
Enhancing student’s hands-on learning experience, the school effectively utilizes digital resources (Math online programs, Educomp, Eureka & Phyzok Softwares, videos & power point presentations) as Audio-Visual aids in the Smart Classrooms. The child-centric educational approach is reflective in its practice of flipped teaching & collaborative peer learning methodology that helps both brilliant and others. In fact, it has a unique school calendar designed to ascertain the involvement of everyone. Apart from offering variety of optional subjects in Science, Commerce & Humanities stream (Psychology, Sociology, MMWT, Entrepreneurship, Legal studies, Theatre and Music Aesthetics), SVIS improves the students’ brain functionality, cognitive processing & focus by giving choices of many languages (Sanskrit, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese) from class IV onwards.

Established in 2006 & a founding member of ELQSP (English Language Quality Standards Programme), SVIS integrates

Enhancing student’s hands-on learning experience, the school effectively utilizes digital resources (Math online programs, Educomp, Eureka & Phyzok Softwares, videos & power point presentations) as Audio-Visual aids in the Smart Classrooms

programs like Helen O’Grady International, WHOTS, Discover Ed and diverse Inter-Class and Inter-House Literacy activities to enhance student’s listening, communication & creative thinking skills. Regular read aloud sessions & class library promotes the joy of reading. Value based assemblies & community outreach initiatives like visiting NGOs, blood donation camps and Spread a Smile campaign develops a sense of social belongingness in students. Parallel to this, value integrated curriculum sensitizes students to respect social ideologies, various religious practices, cultural diversity, constitutional rights & duties, dignity of labour and respect for public property. Besides organizing Leadership initiatives through in-house organisation of SVIS MUN, Student Council activities and special camps in association with Rock sports and Knowledge XP, the school also has counsellors & special educators who provide guidance to assist in life skill education. Providing national & international platform, SVIS conducts inter-school SAT, STEM Symposium, Science Exhibition, MUN and Exchange programmes together with career fair & counselling sessions in India and abroad. Determined to groom its students holistically, SVIS gives them exposure to literary & mass media, USA Univ Quest Programme, while also providing weekend classes for robotics, Olympiads, and NTSE, to name a few.

Nurturing the Body & Brain Holistically
Nita Arora, Principal, Sri Venkateshwar International School, proclaims, “Sports is a compulsory and valued part of curriculum & an integral part of a child’s holistic development, which helps a child grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually”.

Introducing yoga, aerobics, taekwondo, swimming and skating in the primary years, the school organizes Cultural Days for each class till VI with 100 percent participation, and Sports & Annual Day for seniors. It also gives an exposure to sports that help children develop teamwork, cooperation, leadership skills, social relationship and time management. SVIS encourages participation and adopting of Yoga, Jogging and Regular Fitness Regime for all including parents. Each day starts with circle time & prayanam for moral learning that depicts an expression of our culture, followed by Nayi Disha (educational games), Jump Bunch and Milka SURE fit (fitness programmes) activities. Considering athletics activities as a part of physical education, SVIS introduced Bikat Adventure to give students the experience of rock climbing along with various other leadership and adventure camps. Believing that our safety is in our hands, SVIS conducts self defense training sessions on regular basis, expertly supervised by Taekwondo coach.

To curb parent’s apprehension regarding the behavioural changes & intensifying stress in today’s youth, the school conducts workshops on stress management, behavioural issues management, and Adolescence for both parents & students. Paying special attention to curbing evil practices like bullying, gender insensitivity or violent behaviour, SVIS ensures complete student safety within the school premises through installation of 240 CCTVs at strategic locations, dissemination of cyber safety rules, administering of anti-bullying pledge, zero tolerance policy for corporal punishment and anti-bullying & sexual harassment committee.

Being a British Council Ambassador School, SVIS mentors other schools for the International School Programme with the school Principal being a Local Facilitator/BCSA Workshops, In-service training & micro teaching for teachers at regular intervals are initiated for strengthening their pedagogical skills & to upgrade professional competence. “With persistence, patience & practice students learn that the harder they work, the better result they will get,” concludes Sailander.