School Tours: Personalizing Each Tour with Unparalleled Experiences

Rupali Issar,Director - Inbound Travel Sales

Rupali Issar

Director - Inbound Travel Sales

India is currently home to a wide range of school tour operators offering fantastic travel experiences to students. Yet, majority of them focus on handling multiple tours at one instance to stay ahead of the burgeoning competition, and thus miss-out on achieving the prime aspect of quality. Standing in stark contrast to these school tour operators is School Tours, a professional travel company that emphasizes on delivering less number of works, but with unparalleled outcomes. Hence, the company targets only one or two schools in a year and personalizes each tour as per their requirements. Rupali Issar, Director - Inbound Travel Sales, School Tours, adds, "We do not believe in building big teams, but in delivering big results to our clients and bagging their utmost satisfaction".

School Tours offers educational tours, monument education tours, religious learning tours, adventure tours and many more to its clients, with great accent on personalization. Since India is a land of variegated travel destinations, the company ensures to present them unlimited options, while clearly reading their minds to comprehend their needs. This way, it chooses the perfect, bespoke destination for each school based on their requirements with regards to distance, budget, mode of travel, number of days and
other parameters. Besides, the company renders hotel, transportation and other related services to clients based on their budget by associating with respective firms.

Offering a Personal Touch
Vesting great belief in its works and treating travel as a hobby, School Tours leverages its maximum expertise to serve the clients, while adding a personal touch to its services. In fact, the company's team members as well as Rupali personally travel along with each group of students from a school to bestow them 100 percent results. Prior to each school tour, the team members are briefed and trained on the dos and don'ts, so that no student faces any sort of problem at the destination. Even if any problem arises, they make sure to resolve it at the very instance and not carry forward it, thereby keeping-up their company's reputation. The overall motto of School Tours is that students must learn naturally with no external pressure while travelling, thereby offering them a holistic development. To achieve this, its team focuses on the safety of students across each tour, nourish them in the best manner, and thus provide them a best environment to learn.

School Tours' main motto is that students must learn naturally with no external pressure while travelling, thereby offering them a holistic development

Being an online travel company, School Tours, a unit of Ulltimate Travels Pvt. Ltd., adopts new-fangled technologies as & when required and stays in conformance with requisite rules & regulations while offering services to clients. Yet, aptly customizing services to make clients feel that they are in secure hands is what the company greatly preaches! Besides school tours, the company extends its expertise in delivering bespoke travel assignments across categories like leisure tours, adventure tours, religious tours, domestic & international tours, corporate residential conferences, and others.

With a presence of over 10 years in the industry, School Tours is proactively collaborating with various international countries to add different international destinations for its upcoming tours. Rupali concludes, "This year, we conducted a school tour to Sri Lanka for one of our clients, with a strong hope that this idea would reach newer heights in the years to come".