Sprouts Edu Tours: Delivering Exclusive Educational Trips that Enhances Students' Interpersonal Skill

Sushil Rai,Founder

Sushil Rai


"I hear & I forget, I see & I remember, I do & I understand," ­ this saying justifies the need of educational tours & explains the gist that one can learn best from experiences. In comparison to bookish learning confined within the four walls of a campus, educational tours provide students the best opportunity to get out of monotonous daily chores of life. It encourages individuals to form their own perspective of the outer world. This is why the education tour industry is growing big with participation of Universities, Schools & even Institutes.

Growing rapidly apace with the industry's growth through its professionally designed itineraries is Sprouts Edu Tours, a complete Educational Tour Management company engaged in Domestic & Inbound tourism in India. Since its inception in 2005, this Mumbai-based company has been providing bespoke excursion programs that suit the needs of the group no matter the size of the group or goals of the visit, be it a school, university or institution. To ensure that learning & fun goes hand-in-hand, Sprouts plans several interactive games, visits to science & history museums, invites students to actively engage in local custom or tradition of a place and encourages them to inter-act with other people. With these activities, the company empowers the students to face real-life problems, foster independence &
leadership skills, helps them breakdown the barriers of language and learn how to communicate across the boundaries.

What sets Sprouts apart from other tour operators is its highly organized team of skilled trip advisors. "For them, juggling calls, bookings & communication is an everyday balancing act. They adeptly take care of their responsibilities of arranging flights, processing payments, securing accommodation, negotiating deals, sending tickets, and advising clients to provide an inspiring & fun educational experience," asserts Sushil Rai, Founder, Sprouts Edu Tours. They are also specialized in giving appropriate guidance to every student, ensuring that each child gets the personal attention, thereby making the child feel at home & enhances their interpersonal skill. Sprouts' Educational Travel specialists have excellent communication skills and the ability to inspire and influence students. Sushil further adds, "As a founder of Sprouts Team, you have the opportunity to become an expert in your field by finding a niche market in which you can provide greater value to a particular client base".

Sprouts understands that the trip is an integral part of the planned curriculum for community-based field trips linked to powerful social studies content

The company understands that the trip is an integral part of the planned curriculum for community-based field trips linked to powerful social studies content. Hence, its Travel Specialist Assistant asks students about the hobbies, experiences and aspiration to give them a great program that would enhance their strengths & skills in line with their interests. Furthermore, the Sprouts Team competes with limitless online travel resources and information, which keeps them on top of what's happening online.

Stress-Free, Secure & Interesting Trips
With more than four years of experience in organizing trips to all seven continents & a collective experience of 20 years of partnership with World Strides, the company has cultivated resources which make Sprouts an industry leader in safety. In fact, the students' comfort is the focal point during the program designing phase. The company's highly trained trip representatives organize a great tailor-made school trip to make the students future-ready for this fiercely competitive world, all the while making the trip more secured, stress-free, interesting & memorable.