Sanjeev Bhutani: Teaching the Art & Science from Struggle to Success to Overcome Obstacles Unlocking True Potential

 Sanjeev Bhutani,   Life Purpose - Life Coach

Sanjeev Bhutani

Life Purpose - Life Coach

The life coaching industry has experienced substantial growth in recent years as individuals increasingly seek guidance and support to navigate personal and professional challenges. One of the most prominent names in this industry, Sanjeev Bhutani has gained acclaim for his life coaching programs designed specifically for Parents, Teenagers and Teachers. These programs have garnered recognition for their profound ability to motivate and inspire individuals, enabling them to reach their highest goals in life.

Approach & Vision
Sanjeev Bhutani stands out as a specialized life coach with a unique focus on parenting, teenagers & teachers. His approach is about effective parenting skills and creating happy families, while also transforming children through life management skills and pursuing their dreams. He provides a tailored approach through effective communication skills, emotional intelligence, academic guidance and goal-setting.

“I offer transformative professional service designed for parents and their precious children. This extraordinary 'dual benefit program' has the power to 'unfold the secrets of good parenthood', while simultaneously helping children & teachers to unlock their true potential”. The invaluable skills that I teach, often go overlooked in the monotonous rhythm of everyday life, leaving a void waiting to be filled. “With a heart felt
commitment, I practice a holistic approach through personalized guidance, focusing on good parenting skills, unlock the secrets of time management, the power of goal setting, stress management, developing emotional intelligence, eliminate fear of failure, technological de-addiction, removing procrastination & habits of successful Teachers”, shares Sanjeev Bhutani, Life Purpose - Life Coach.

Efficient Methodology to teach Life Management Skills
By leveraging a unique blend of mind maps, pre-recorded videos, one-onone sessions, seminars, and webinar, he enables clients to get clarity and structure their thoughts effectively. It is a well-crafted blend of continuous learning opportunities and personalized guidance to achieve your dream goals.

Sanjeev Bhutani emerges as an exceptional life coach with a focus on self-discovery and developing a positive mindset

Learning from Experience
In the depths of Sanjeev Bhutani's inception story lies a tale of unwavering determination, resilience, and a burning desire to create a meaningful impact in the lives of others. His path was marked by intense struggles in both his personal and professional spheres, leading him to emerge as an empathetic life coach, armed with wisdom gained from his own Experiences. Despite facing the pressures of the corporate world, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, pursuing two Master's degrees, while juggling his responsibilities. Through his battles, he developed empathy and a profound understanding of the human spirit's triumph over adversity. Today, as a life coach, he extends a compassionate hand, guiding others through their own storms and helping them find the courage to rewrite their stories.

Now the million-dollar questions Are you struggling to raise confident, disciplined and high scoring children? Are you interested in becoming a Super Parent? Do you want to take the ‘genius out of your child’? Do you want to know the Secrets of Success? If the answer is yes, then Sanjeev Bhutani is a Perfect choice, for you, as your “Life Coach”.

“I have learnt from my own journey that every individual is unique, with distinct goals, challenges, and aspirations. I firmly believe that our deepest wounds can become our greatest sources of strength. My mission is to guide Parents, their precious children and teachers, to identify their passions, strengths, and areas for improvements. I also support overcoming limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubts. I believe this is my life’s calling, and that’s what I strove to always excel at”, further adds Sanjeev.