Sarala Birla Academy: A Leading International Boys' Residential School Committed To Holistic Education

School is a pivotal part of a child's life because it teaches and prepares him for adulthood and to take on the challenges that life is sure to bring his way. Schools in the modern Indian education system must provide much more than just academic excellence, which is but a part of the overall education that a child deserves. They must help in enhancing personality, instilling discipline and creating independent and mature citizens capable of meaningfully contributing to society. A Boarding school, particularly, must develop children holistically. Most parents send their children to residential schools because they instill in them the value of education, enhance their communication and life skills and make them physically and emotionally strong. These and other related aspects make a good boarding school an excellent choice for a child. Sarala Birla Academy is one of the very best of Boarding Schools in the country. It's founder, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla's overarching vision for SBA is "to ignite minds and to create in the students a love of learning and continuous development by making the learning process an enjoyable experience. "Thus, it helps develop a higher sense of self-esteem in the students and endeavours to equip them with life skills that will place them first among their equals when they step out into the real world.

The Standard-bearer for Quality Education
SBA, which is committed to holistic education, aims at the overall personality development of its students, honing their leadership skills and looking after their emotional well-be-ing. The teachers are drawn from the best of schools. They use innovative teaching techniques supported by modern technology to arouse the intellectual curiosity of the child. They are trained in all aspects of the functioning of a boarding school and regular professional development is an integral part of SBA. The school firmly believes that teaching methodologies need constant evolution to remain relevant in an ever-changing world. Therefore, SBA strives to be a step ahead and professional development is one of its top priorities. The school is affiliated with the CISCE, the CAIE, and the IBO. While the children get a choice between the national and the international curricula, the teaching community ensures that there's synergy between them. There's adequate stress on experiential learning and outdoor activities of various kinds form an integral part of the curriculum. The children and the parents feel very happy about the judicious mix that SBA offers.

Excellence ­ A Continuous Improvement
An institution's success depends on the success of its children, which in turn depends on how well it equips them to make a positive impact on the world they'll soon be a part of. As the world around evolves, so does the approach of SBA, keeping intact those basic values and culture of this country that it has always held dear. SBA is in constant touch with its alumni and their parents to know how they fare in life after school. They share the learning aspects at school that may have stood them in good stead; they also share what more the school could do to help
enhance the overall capabilities of its children. The school also gets feedback from the institutions they join and that helps assess its functioning and relevance. Excellence, for SBA, is continuous improvement.

The 'X' Factor
What probably sets SBA apart are the well-rounded gentlemen that pass out from its venerable portals. The school is international in its curriculum and vision but this doesn't come at the cost of the glorious tradition and the rich culture that this country has shared with the world over centuries. SBA takes pride in the courtesy that its children possess, the fortitude with which they face difficult situations and the bigness of heart they bring into play in whatever they do. "While academics is the numero uno focus area for us, the other aspects of education hold no less importance. When our children grow up, how they conduct themselves, articulate their vision, handle adverse circumstances, the humility with which they lead, and, probably more than anything else, how they think, will be of at least as much importance as their academic results as they face the challenges outside. SBA is firmly focused on learning experiences in our daily schedule that'll address these aspects", says Santanu Das, the Principal of SBA.

Santanu Das,Principal

SBA, which is committed to holistic education, aims at the overall personality development of its students, honing their leadership skills and looking after their emotional well-being

Art, culture, music, theater, sports and vocational training form an integral part of the curriculum. SBA offers a variety of options for the co-curricular activities of the children. They regularly represent the state at national competitions in quizzes, sports, music and environmental programs. They have been consistently featured in the top positions of the State for the Trinity Music Exams. They also regularly participate in International Exchange Programmes, MUNs and Olympiads. SBA is a member of august bodies (like the Round Square, the IPSC, the TAISI) that provide platforms for National and Glob-al collaboration in relevant fields. SBA is a Chapter of the SPICMACAY and has taken an initiative in creating awareness amongst the youth of the glorious legacy of India's Classical Music, Art and Culture. SBA is also a YES centre for the IAYP.

While academics is the numero uno focus area for us, the other aspects of education hold no less importance

Empowering Children with Relevant Life Skills
Empowering children with relevant life skills is very close to its heart and SBA does this in collaboration with the parents. The PTMs aren't just about academic improvement; holistic development is an immensely important part. SBA realizes that parents at home and at school must forge a partnership to educate the children under its care. "Together, we must raise a generation of world citizens who will be well prepared to face the ever-increasing challenges of sustaining what we call our world. Together, we must raise our children to take charge of this Earth when it is time for our generation to walk away into the sunset, secure in the knowledge that this beautiful blue planet of ours is in the ablest and the safest of hands, hands that we have helped create", the Principal concludes.