RedTeam Hacker Academy: Building the Future Cyber Professionals

Jaizal Ali,Founder & CEO

Jaizal Ali

Founder & CEO

The online world is constantly in danger because of cyber threats like security breach and unwarranted features. Such problems are being taken care of by IT experts worldwide. In India, as per NASSCOM, there will be a demand of almost one million cybersecurity professionals by 2020 due to the growing digitization of payments, transactions, data storage, and etc. Kerala based RedTeam Hacker Academy is an all-round cybersecurity training company that provides an extensive hands-on understanding of various cyber and information security domains. RedTeam Academy produces cybersecurity experts with 360-degree skills to tackle security threats across the internet, cloud, and organizations. It's a prominent security training provider dedicated to bridging the cybersecurity skill gap through implementation-centric learning programs designed by certified security experts.

Bridge between Cybersecurity Industry and Academia
RedTeam provides the most sought after and highly in-demand courses with high quality online and offline training services, industry expert faculty members, excellent lab facilities, international certifications, career guidance, and placement drives; all under a feasible fee structure.

RedTeam offers all cybersecurity-related courses with an adequate curriculum making it more easy and interesting for students. The
courses vary from 10-day diploma courses to 3-year degree programs. RedTeam Academy provides internationally recognized certifications that are accredited by esteemed organizations like EC Council and Certnexus. The courses by RedTeam Academy include Certified Penetration Tester (CPT), Bug Bounty Hunter (BBH), Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defence (ADCD), Certified Red Team Associate (CRTA), Certified IT infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst (CICSA), Diploma in Information Security and Cyber Defense (DISCD), etc.

Leader in Cyber Security Training
RedTeam's motto is to provide the best training services with high quality in a very feasible and flexible fee structure. The training technics are facilitated with the best infrastructure, well-occupied lab facilities.

All the courses are provided with industry-relevant certifications. The majority of these certifications are accredited by organizations like EC Council and Certnexus. RedTeam Hacker Academy also provides specialized certifications byitself. RedTeam Academy provides students with the best of the curriculum to evolve themselves into cybersecurity experts, by bringing flexibility in the training facilities according to the level of understanding of the students. Above all these features, the academy has a team of highly-specialised, experienced and internationally-certified trainers who facilitate a very supportive and friendly class atmosphere. RedTeam Academy provides efficient support and assistance to its students as and when required. All such factors have made RedTeam Hacker Academy the numero Uno within the Cybersecurity training institutions of South India.

RedTeam Hacker Academy contributes by fostering cyber aware culture and thereby deliver value to the stakeholders

RedTeam Hacker Academy includes the concept of robotic training technics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in some of the course curriculum and is planning to introduce programs emphasizing more on robotic training services in near future. The academy keeps updating itself as per new developments, changes, and news in the cybersecurity industry and upgrades its training methods and facilities.

Along with the Public and Private Partnerships, RedTeam strives to build a platform which helps the aspirants to interact with Industry experts. Through the RedTeam's state of the art training facility and infrastructure, it shares the industry insights to the students thus building better trained cyber security proffessionals who will be all set to take on cyber security challenges.