Propeller Technologies: A Young Fast Growing Business In The Area Of Robotics,Drones,3d Printing, AI, IoT, And Also Develop India's Most Intelligent Robot Under The Brand Name Of Zafi Robots Which Is

Salman, Co-Founder & COO,Aashik Rahman, Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & COO

Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focuses primarily on preparing future generations to excel in their professions. The skills learned from STEM education extend beyond those necessary to be effective in STEM fields, preparing children with varied interests and skills who move into any industry and have valuable capabilities that enable them to succeed.

Two classmates, Aashik Rahman and Salman, who had a passion for technology from the second year of their college, started Propeller Technologies in 2015, and participated in and won several technological events. Under the guidance of scientist Yavanarani Grade B, the idea of coming up with their start-up for about one year with the experience they acquired from the final year project they did in DRDO. Their project was created for Indian soldiers known as Air Drone Soldier.

Since their final year project is connected to drones, even if one propeller does not work properly, the drone will not take off, one of its essential components is a propeller, both the founder and co-founder must work for their mission, so only the company will take off. Thus, the company is named as Propeller Technologies. Aashik Rahman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Propeller Technologies says, "We mainly focus in teaching the technology in the simplest approach by relating academic subjects with
movies and cartoons so that students can understand the concepts easier and at the same time we are teaching academics as well.

We create a vazvatharam (live-lihood) community in school which is a group of young scientists who will be developing a product which gives livelihood to the needy belonging to the society; these community products are proved and recognized by the government and also focus on creating a startup community in schools." Having developing products for the industries it houses a dynamic ecosystem where imagination, innovation and industrial expectations among young minds are encouraged and conveys the concepts by bridging the gap between the industrial requirements and academia.

This is achieved through collaborating with schools to create a technology ecosystem. They play a major role in establishing Atal Tinkering Labs and Private makers Labs on the school campus, At present they have established more than 100+ Atal Tinkering Labs in Tamil Nadu having inspired more than 70,000 students through its innovation platforms. Propeller Technologies focuses primarily on B2B; it also provides end-to-end solutions by setting up a laboratory that provides quality engineers and enables students to participate in national and international competitions and engage them in start-up competitions.

Customized Models for the Students
Propeller Technologies does not involve students with the ready-made prebuild kits that lead them to under-stand only about the particular goods, their approach helps the student be-come real thinkers and also addresses the pain points of parents, management and students in the entire business model; The management will have a highly competitive price with a unique selling proposition; and any students can afford. Salman, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Propeller Technologies adds, "By using this approach, we help students understand their academic values using real-time living examples to learn the technologies. We make them study the technology from day-to-day problems instead of making students learn a predefined syllabus, and they develop simple products that solve their problems, which makes the students very familiar to the technology and it moulds them to construct some products or prototypes once the problem statement is given."

Propeller Technologies has incubated certain STEM Models like Me and My invention research kit at Sasthra University and Crescent University, Apart from STEM training, Propeller Technologies is also concentrating on the product development process and researches in adding more intelligence to the robotic systems. They have designed India's most intelligent robots like Zafi, Zafira, Zafi Go and many more, which have received a good response in the market.