Proctur: Transforming Coaching Institutes into the Digital Era through End-to-End Solutions

Nishant Agarwal,Founder & CEO

Nishant Agarwal

Founder & CEO

An everlasting increase in academic competition has opened up the Broadway for a robust educational coaching culture in India. With more than 95 percent of the students attending private coaching classes in India, it’s no wonder the coaching institutes have deep roots in our society. An average Indian household spends around 12 percent of its monthly income on shadow schooling. Our children deserve the best coaching and study infrastructure & facilities. Simultaneously, coaching institutes are also in dire need of a technology enabler who can take them to the digital era, as the tech-world’s focus is confined to the regular schools & colleges.

Necessity Paves the Way for Invention
Transforming all the stakeholders of a coaching institute into the digital world through an end-to-end technology platform is Proctur a technology company. While Proctur’s white labeled institution management solution helps in brand building, the learning platform and detailed reporting provided after each assessment proves to be a boon for students, helping them work on their weaknesses. The integration with useful third party platforms like Facebook, Google, UrbanPro, Sulekha and biometrics integration for attendance is another welcome feature of the solution. The company provides a
customized subscription based model with different plans to fulfill the specific requirements of institutes.

Proctur’s flagship product, the ERP solution, automates and manages the student database, class schedule, and examination schedule among other functionalities; thus reducing manual labor and increasing faculty’s class room time. Its other products like online examination solutions specify detailed reporting after each test to strengthen students, while online interactive classroom solutions together with e-learning solutions offer complete video conference and webinar facilities, making the sessions interactive and fun learning. “We deploy a B2B business model, wherein we provide the technology, while allowing our partner institutions to upload their own questions, answers, and proprietary content.” asserts Nishant Agarwal, Founder & CEO. It’s obvious why premium coaching institutes like CADCAMGURU and SPEAKWELL use Proctur at their multiple branches.

While other companies are focused merely on selling, Proctur is busy implementing its products in institutes by training the faculty and other users, and thus cultivating a digital culture.

At Your Service, Round the Clock
Proctur offers round the clock support services for its comprehensive solution, which is something unprecedented in the industry. While other companies are focused merely on selling, Proctur is busy implementing its products in institutes by training the faculty and other users, and thus cultivating a digital culture. The company is known for its quality trademark, and to keep it intact, the firm also maintains a quality analysis team that thoroughly checks the product in multiple cycles to ensure the delivery of the best breed solutions in the market. No wonder, within just 3.5 years, Proctur has tied up with more than 1000 institutions across 125+ cities.

Having started its journey 3.5 years ago, when the edutech was only starting to boom Proctur’s popularity in tier II, III & IV cities that constitute 80 percent of its business is quite appreciable. Headquartered in Pune, the company today has a workforce of 50+ employees. Having grown 200 percent year-after-year ever since its inception, Proctur today is all set for its global expansion, alongside its plans to leverage artificial intelligence to further enhance the learning experience.