PREXAM: Making Students Exam Ready, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Payal Doshi,FounderEvery year, millions of students in India appear for competitive exams. In 2017, out of 5,50,000 students who appeared for the UPSC CivilServices Examination, only 1960 were selected. In 2019, around 10,51,508 students appeared for the JEE Mains, but merely 11,289 of them made it to the IITs. The seats are of course limited, but the main reason why hard working students fail is lack of exam preparedness due to inefficient self evaluation.

PREXAM is an AI-based self-evaluation application that helps individuals to measure their exam preparedness for JEE, NEET, CA-Foundation, CS-Foundation, IAS Prelims, Bank Exams, MBA Entrance Exams, and many others. It has separate apps available on Google Play Store for each of these exams, though which it helps students improve their test performance using various scientifically designed features that include the generation of a new test paper every time they take a test for the same topic. Most importantly, internet connectivity is not a requirement for the app’s operation, which makes an additional boon, especially for users in low connectivity areas. Users can appear for tests, get test solutions, analyze their performance and check preparation level through this app anytime and anywhere without internet.

The core of PREXAM’s paper generation logic is its AI–based engine that intelligently selects questions based on users’ past performances and by excluding repeated
questions. Another marvelous feature is the collection of un attempted and incorrect responses in an error correct test kitty, which is used to provide students with exclusive tests on those topics until they solve all questions correctly. Evaluation of test papers and development of preparation analysis reports can also be done without internet connectivity. This helps students master not only the topic, but also the whole process of examination.

Most importantly, internet connectivity is not a requirement for the app’s operation, which makes an additional boon, especially for users in low connectivity areas

Tailor Made to the Cause
The functionality of an application must be ‘desirable’ as per users’ perception. “We offer customization features to our users like ‘Take a Test’, which allows users to appear for a test based on the subject, chapter, difficulty level, & total marks of their choice, ‘Error Correction Tests’ that help them improve previous mistakes and ‘Preparation Analysis’ that allows users to compare their preparedness with the preparation levels of other candidates throughout the country,” asserts Payal Doshi, CEO & MD, PREXAM. These tools help students prepare for exams in the most scientific manner.

Taking it to the Next Level
In partnership withvarious educational institutions, PREXAM also provides the institute version of its mainstream software. It provides detailed student report to teachers and administrators when the test data is uploaded on the company’s servers. This report includes class level analysis and individual student scores to facilitate teachers in identifying weakareas and planning further lectures accordingly. Some of the well known clients of PREXAM in Mumbai region are Professor Academy, Medineer Tutorials, Oxford Tutorials, Student’s Academy and Patel Commerce Classes.

A bootstrapped company with two fold yearly growth, PREXAM believes that innovation is the key to success. Currently, the firm is developing an app for institutes to facilitate branding, question database auto update features and student communication, while also making the installation process easier and safer for both students and institute owners.

“Till date, we have been investing in research and development. Now that the product is market ready, we have started growing our market reach. With aggressive marketing, we expect to grow four fold in 2019, achieve break even in 2020, and then grow in profit,” concludes Payal Doshi.