Toddlers World: A Guide To The Exciting World Of Early Childhood Education

Nivedita Lall, FounderPreschool education lays the foundation for a child's future, but there are gaps in access and quality, leading to unequal experiences, particularly for low-income and rural families. Some preschools also lack a comprehensive curriculum, hindering full child development. Among the preschools, Toddlers World Preschool creates a secure and nourishing environment for all children, regardless of their social and developmental backgrounds. The children are encouraged to express themselves through various means such as language, creativity, and physical activities in a fun and challenging environment. The mission of Toddlers World is to deliver effective, efficient, innovative, and unique skills and abilities to learners. Their vision is to make Toddlers World a place where children can live, laugh, learn, and grow through school and life.

Toddlers Worlds’ narrative started right after the first lockdown ended. The founders of Toddlers World, Ranu Harlalka and Nivedita Lall were looking for a job that would let them work and spend time with their family. They decided to open a preschool as it required limited legal formalities and offered the opportunity to pursue a noble profession. “Our goal is to help young learners grow, learn, and develop through a well-rounded education program and a caring and nurturing environment”, says Ranu Harlalka, Co-Founder.

Toddlers World believes that every child is special in their own way and that children learn and grow when they are surrounded by positive energy in a positive environment. The institute believes discipline is the key to education, building character, and fostering self-reliance in children. The passionate and energetic educators lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and promote growth in social skills.

Unique Features that Shape a Child's Future
Toddlers World has several factors that make it stand out from other preschools. They have a child-friendly and comfortable environment, a self-designed curriculum that is future-ready, and a team of highly trained teachers with a 1:10 teacher-student ratio to ensure one-on-one attention for each child. The preschool also maintains high safety standards and has modern-day infrastructure. The advancement programs at Toddlers World are built around six main components: language and literacy, cognitive skill development, emotional development, social competency, physical and motor
development, and creativity. Children between the ages of 1.2 to 6 years old can apply for admission at Toddlers World by filling out a form with all the necessary details and submitting it along with a copy of the Aadhaar card of parents, a vaccination certificate, and a set of three photographs of the child and one photo of each parent. The fee structure ranges between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 25,500.

Every child is special and deserves to be surrounded by positive energy and a supportive learning environment

The Teaching Methodologies of Toddlers World
The play-way and experiential learning methods at Toddlers World combine play and hands-on experiences to help children develop their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Teachers act as facilitators and provide a safe and supportive environment for children to engage in various play activities, such as games and puzzles. These activities allow children to learn through direct experience and reflection, developing their problem-solving and creativity.

The combination of the play-way method and experiential learning at Toddlers World provides children with a well-rounded educational experience that helps them develop their skills and abilities in a fun and engaging way. By using games and hands-on experiences to educate children, they can better retain the information they have learned and apply it in their everyday lives. “We empower children to acquire knowledge through self-exploration and we impart knowledge using innovative teaching methodologies”, says Ranu. At present, Toddlers World does not offer any special scholarships to special children.

Ranu Harlalka, Founder

Extra-Curricular Activities
Toddlers World recognizes the benefits of extracurricular activities and includes them as an important part of its curriculum. These activities may include physical activities like dance, sports, creative arts like music, drama, environmental education and gardening, non-fire cooking, nutrition education, and many board games to develop skills in a fun and interactive way. Overall, the aim of these extra-curricular activities is to provide children with a well-rounded education that goes beyond just academics. By exposing children to diverse experiences and skills, these activities help to build confidence, develop new interests, and broaden perspectives. This, in turn, sets a strong foundation for future learning and success.

The Road ahead
At Toddlers World, the belief is that independence is important and highly valued for all children. The preschool provides a supportive environment where free movement is encouraged within well-defined boundaries and each child's perspective is valued. The teachers are aware that learning is not always straightforward, and they aim to provide children with appropriate challenges and support as needed. The focus is on delivering excellent care and education to young children, and the programs are regularly reviewed and improved to keep up with the evolving needs of families and society. In addition, new technologies and educational resources are utilized to further enrich the learning experience for children.