Little Bright Stars: Mentoring Young Children with High-Quality Education

 Aakanksha Kaur,  Founder & Principal

Aakanksha Kaur

Founder & Principal

India is undergoing substantial reform in its childcare sector. Since a child’s brain develops at a rate of 80 percent during the first three to five years of life, what parents and other carers do to support the child’s overall development during this time has a significant impact on the child’s future. As a result, parents generally have higher standards for child care now. The preschool years are the most important learning time of all.

Little Bright Stars Preschool, with its main office in Kolkata, is one such company that offers all-encompassing, comprehensive assistance, possibilities, guidance, and happy learning activities. Its mission is to deliver the best education and childcare that lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning in a safe, considerate, and inclusive environment and its vision is to offer a new-age education where all students reach their full potential through a holistic learning approach, where each child will develop their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities.

Among the different initiatives used by other preschools in Kolkata, Little Bright Stars offers a stimulating yet demanding atmosphere that encourages the growth of abilities crucial for a child’s long-term success in school and life. The teaching strategies used by Little Bright Stars place a strong emphasis on treating each student as an individual and allowing them to grow and learn at their own rate. Children learn best through play when they are provided a variety of scheduled and unstructured playtime, which is why it bases its teaching approaches on the play. Children are continuously urged to learn, and the school even imparts concepts like mathematics and
reading through play.The teaching learning strategy employed in schools aims to develop a learning atmosphere that encourages curiosity, creativity, and interest, enabling more handson and indepth learning as well as parent co-ops, where parents are actively involved in their children’s education daily and work closely with the classroom teachers.

Little Bright Stars’ activities take into account the fact that kids are eager, energetic learners who are interested in learning about and comprehending their surroundings. To provide kids the confidence they need to face the world outside of home and school, it combines learning opportunities with chances for creative expression. Little Bright Stars has been utilizing technological tools to improve learning for kids over the past year and thereby familiarize pupils with global technological advancements and make their learning experience distinctive. It contains mother toddler activities, Homeschooling, interactive gamification, smart classrooms, and student teacher ratio.

The best preschool education is given at Little Bright Stars in the most creative and enjoyable ways

The institute also emphasizes the child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Through activities like craft-making, language learning, singing, dancing, indoor or outdoor sports, painting or doodling, and reading, the integrated curriculum method seeks to instill in the children a sense of enthusiasm, discovery, and delight in learning. Little Bright Stars provides care for families with parenting difficulties since preschool education is the foundation of all schooling and because education is crucial in every other aspect. To ensure that a child’s education is not hampered, it offers aid by granting extended payments to individuals who cannot pay the entrance price in full.

Over the years, Little Bright Stars has changed by involving parents in classroom activities, utilizing interactive play-way approaches rather than traditional teacher-centered methods, and incorporating cutting-edge classroom technology. “We are setting goals that will define the future of early childhood programs in India and altering the traditional early childhood education practices in India”, concludes Aakanksha Kaur, Principal & Founder, Little Bright Stars.