Veda Montessori: Developing Children's Physical, Social, Emotional & Intellectual Skills

To ensure every child’s holistic development, Veda Montessori provides a learning space specialized in the Montessori pedagogy a proven method to promote the overall growth of the child in terms of physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. The school is established by Khushbu Parikh (Founder & Educator) who loves children and desires to deliver the real essence of Montessori. “The potential of the child is not just mental, but is revealed only when the complete Montessori Method is understood & followed and at Veda Montessori, we strive to incorporate all Dr. Maria Montessori’s Pedagogy,” she asserts.

This Mumbai-based firm focuses on delivering prepared environment for learning and enhancing kid’s skills via various day-to-day activities, enabling child to analyze and think critically. Hence, the curriculum at Veda Montessori is a prudent combination of academic supremacy and extracurricular activities. Apart from academics, Veda Montessori bestow better understanding of concepts like practical life (helps in becoming independent), sensorial (impactful for learning process), language (develop vocabulary/ reading/ writing skills), mathematics (assisting kids to learn simplest to the complex concepts via beads/number cards/geometrical solids/spindle boxes) and culture (enhance general knowledge and give better understanding of the world with aid of globe/world map/puzzles), as a part of its scientifically designed & child-centric curriculum.

Under aforementioned personalized & structure modules, children not only learn concepts from multi sensory materials but also sensitized towards environment via activities like sowing/seed cleaning/ picking up of dry leaves, thereby developing self-confidence, gross motor skills and concentration. At Veda Montessori, kids are motivated to speak & work in groups (mix aged groupings) and learn from their mistakes. Indeed, the school’s unique curriculum helps kids grow physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally sound, socially
competent and ready to learn in their early age. “It was my dream to mould young children by supplying them with appropriate material and space and Veda Montessori is that dream come true,” professes Khushbu.
Khushbu Parikh,Founder & Educator
Stimulating Child’s Learning Experience
Being one of the most renowned play schools, Veda Montessori has all the programs that a growing toddler needs to complete his/her early education. Its array of programs includes Mother Toddler (six-14 months), Toddler Environment(14 months three years) and After School Program (three-six years) and are delivered by experienced teachers who act as a facilitator and leave no stone unturned to meet the requirement of each child. At all program levels, school follows uninterrupted work cycles and gives enough time to children to settle down into their interested activities.

Veda Montessori is designed and planned to provide a wholesome environment keeping in mind the physical, social and cognitive needs of the children

The school that aims to stimulate child’s learning experience not only designed classroom simple with walls painted in neutral shade, low shelves, and closets but also customized the size of tables/chairs and carefully selected Montessori equipments, thereby providing clean, hygienic and child-centric environment. All its air-conditioned classrooms contain first aid kit, fire extinguisher and are under CCTV surveillance, ensuring kid’s safety and security. On the flip side, the school’s huge playground not just contains toddler’s equipments like slide, tunnel, wagon and rope, but also facilitates sufficient space for running, sitting and planting. Children are always assisted by care takers while playing. “Veda Montessori is crafted under the guidance of certified Montessori directress to provide a whole some environment keeping in mind the physical, social and cognitive needs of the children,”concludes Khushbu.