Hello Kids: Establishing Foundations of a Progressive Adult at an Early Age

  Sunita Jain,     CEOPreschool constitutes the foundation for a child’s future, at this time, learning moves quickly and all children share the general developmental traits of a certain age group.To enhance children's cognitive development and improve behavior Hello Kids is the place where children can grow and develop while reading, listening, and playing. Here, kids transit from dependence to independence from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication, and from self-absorption to growing social awareness. Pritam Kumar Agrawal and Sunita Jain, the CEO and Director of Hello Kids Chain of Preschools and Riverstone Schools, joined forces to establish the institute. “We opened our first center in Bangalore in 2005 and began franchising in 2009; currently we have 830 plus centers across India and Bangladesh. As one of the largest preschools in the south, we have 120+ centers in Karnataka and over 300 centers in the entire region. Riverstone International School is a K-12 school chain with locations in Bangalore, Orissa, Telangana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and almost states in India”, informs Pritam Agrawal, CEO.

Safeguards Quality Education
Hello Kids is a chain of preschools that believes in educating children through entertainment. Hello Kids distinctive strategy includes a well-researched curriculum & study materials, professionally trained faculty, interactive learning, child safety
protocols, programs to develop the child’s social skills, and a developed infrastructure. The institution takes a systematic approach to academics, curricula, training, and administration, and believes that its channel partners, the instructors, and the caretakers, must receive regular, intensive training to ensure that the philosophy, SOPs, and standardization of Hello Kids are communicated to all centers, owners,and channel stakeholders.

Hello Kids mission is to bring accessible early childhood education to the most rural & remote areas of India

In addition, as an integral element of the vast network’s preparations, Hello Kids practices an age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate, and research-based curriculum for each student. The organization guarantees the continuity of the education system’s alignment of curriculum, training, and assessment. Hello Kids is proud to be the first royalty-free preschool model in India, the availability of the company’s founder, and other channel partners is always around the clock. Consistent training is essential for development so that teaching standards are not compromised.

Teaching Methodology
Hello Kids curriculum is well researched, age-appropriate, and aligned with NCERT, CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge, IB, or any state education boards. Experiential Learning, Life Skills, Theory of Multiple Intelligence, and Montessori are well integrated into Hello Kids Day to day curriculum. The school is incorporating the new education policy 2020 into its curriculum to plan out the children’s overall development. For toddlers’ mental and physical development, Hello Kids provides regular activities like yoga, fitness, art, and music, the school conducts live sessions with top coaches and instructors. Teachers are extensively trained to prepare them for happy learning in schools, with sessions like literacy, numeracy, rhymes, stories, behavior, phonics, blocks, and more. Online training helps them to reach all teachers across the nation on a regular basis.

Quality early childhood education for kids, the best training for teachers, and continuous support to partners are the key to Hello Kids’ growth. At last, Hello Kids is collaborating with the best child development centers and research globally to bring the best practices to the country. We believe we are well-versed in the most cutting edge research and practices and have incorporated them into our classrooms, academics, and training programs”, shares Sunita.