Little Elly: Nurturing Young Minds & Paving The Path For Lifelong Learning & Success

Preeti Bhandary,DirectorThe preschool franchise market in India is experiencing a significant upward trend, driven by increasing awareness of early childhood education. With rising disposable incomes and a growing emphasis on quality education, parents are seeking reputable preschools for their children. This has created a favorable environment for franchising opportunities in the sector. Established preschool brands are expanding their presence through franchising, capitalizing on the demand. Moreover, technological advancements and innovative teaching methodologies are shaping the market, providing a competitive edge to franchise offerings in India's thriving preschool sector.

Little Elly is a prominent preschool chain in India recognized for its developmentally enriching and fun learning spaces for toddlers and early learners. With over 130 centers across India, including overseas foot prints, Little Elly has established itself as a premier preschool brand loved by many. Founded by Preeti Bhandary, a Montessori-trained teacher, and her husband, Little Elly began its journey almost 23 years ago. Facing limited options while searching for a preschool for their child in the Middle East, they decided to start their own preschool. After running it successfully for eight years, they returned to India and founded Little Elly in Bellandur, Bangalore, in 2004.

“Little Elly's educational philosophy revolves around recognizing the crucial first six years of a child's life as the most formative. We focus on developing the child as a whole, nurturing their emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic quotient,” adds Preeti Bhandary.
Discipline and education go hand in hand at Little Elly. Discipline is intrinsic to the learning process, and children are encouraged to develop self-regulation through good habits and regular practice. Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, creating a positive learning environment. Significantly, what sets Little Elly apart from other preschool franchises is its focus on allowing each child to bloom at their own pace.The institution understands the importance of considering each child's pace of learning and designs its curriculum accordingly. The curriculum is child-friendly, realistic, and aligned with developmental milestones.

Little Elly focuses on developing the child as a whole, nurturing their emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic quotient

Extracurricular activities play a significant role in the overall development of children at Little Elly. These activities include circle time, show and tell, story time, rhyme time, collaborative play, Montessori activities, sensorial and cognitive development, music and movement, and story reading. Learning is made fun and exciting, promoting communication, social skills, and positive peer interactions. Little Elly combines various early childhood approaches, such as Maria Montessori, Waldorf Steiner, and Howard Gardner.The institution has introduced special learning companions called Early Learning Program characters, engaging children in their learning journey through stories and activities.

Little Elly is committed to the holistic development of children, encompassing their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. The curriculum provides a structured learning environment with age-appropriate activities, preparing children for future education by introducing basic concepts.Quality standards are of utmost importance at Little Elly. The institution strives to meet benchmarks in infrastructure, curriculum, teacher qualifications, and health and safety standards. In-house training programs and workshops are offered to enhance teachers' teaching methodologies and ensure they stay updated with the latest research and best practices in early childhood education. Little Elly believes in constant evolution to address the specific developmental needs of young children. By staying abreast of emerging educational trends and incorporating them into its approach, Little Elly ensures that children are well-prepared for their future educational journey.

All in all, Little Elly aims to prepare children for primary school with confidence and happiness as they embark on the next phase of their education. Throughout the years, Little Elly has remained committed to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for children, promoting their overall development, and fostering a love for learning.