Pebble Creek Life School: Replacing the Contemporary Pre-Schools with a Liberal Learning Approach

Receptive core of a child’s mind can be molded until they complete the primary stages oftheir developmental milestones. “At an early age, children do not require a classroom setup to learn new things. It solely depends upon the environment they are engaged to. Instead of the direct approach, we need to create an appropriate environment to manifest, converse and socialize,” says Moiza Rafath, Founder & Director, Pebble Creek Life School (PCLS).
Moiza Rafath,Founder & Director
Pre-schoolers’ parents today are tempted to focus on the pragmatic up-bringing, ignoring need for boosting the emotional quotient, the proven fundamental for child’s happiness and success. While Moiza was rearing her toddler, she found a gap in pre-school foundations and wanted to start her own institution to provide the children a realtime experience of learning. After receiving a formal Montessori training in Hyderabad and gaining some teaching experience, she started PCLS in 2005 to offer Montessori schooling environment. Moiza says, “We do not use a text book or a board or a typical classroom setup, but promote a natural learning process for children completely based on Maria Montessori’s Principles of Education”.

PCLS has unique admission procedure, which starts with a parent orientation on the school’s philosophy upon enquiry, which trails-off with face-to-face interaction with the child. After mapping a suitable learning program understanding the child’s need,and
post aligning the expectations of both the parent and the children, the admission is finalized.

Fun Environment to Learn & Grow
This Hyderabad based CBSE affiliated Montessori school has a complete education plan for children from infancy to 18 yers of age. Developmentally segregating, children from 2.2-6 years Casa(House of Children)is its pre school foundation with mixed age groups. The school provides a dual classroom, where the children can work within the classroom or outdoor, devoid of digital or technological involvement. It provides environmental stimulation to nurture the development of a child’s independence, concentration and life skills (language arts, early math and culture) through motor to sensory exploitation.

PCLS provides a dual classroom, where the children can work within the classroom or outdoor, devoid of digital or technological involvement

PCLS maintains very strong PTSA, encouraging parents to participate in various student activities held during the holidays. It has designed a ‘Going out program’, where parent volunteers can co-ordinate and budget a short visit for the children to support learning while they explore. It has an open door policy, where the parents can observe the children’s performance and watch the classes in progress to help them understand their children better.

Involving Expert Professionals
“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world,” said Mary Montessori. Hence, PCLS has teachers certified by AMI, who are experts in identifying every child’s psychology and offer bespoke structured plans based on their unique developmental needs. Alongside, social workers from TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) also participate in the school programs to bring-in more expertise to foster the overall development of the students.

Following such innovative ways of not just teaching, but grooming a child has enabled PCLS to grow beyond its home establishment to two other offsets located in Hyderabad. Moiza concludes, “Our next move is to establish an offshoot a farm school to bring the children more close to the nature to understand environment where the technology will be of no help”.