Leaping Frogs: A Full-Fledged Pre-School & Daycare to Nurture the Toddlers

Madhu Mathur,  Principal

Madhu Mathur


Schools have always been the primordial locus after home for toddlers where their actual learning begins. Yet, when children are directly sent to mainstream schools without attending pre-schools, they tend to experience a sudden pressure in following the designed curriculums there. Leaping Frogs(LF), the play school & daycare very minutely recognized this vertiginous stress levied on the bare minds of these children and is envisioning to provide a firm footing education for them.

Believing that children should have happy learning experiences, this Hyderabad based LF helps in their skill development by strengthening their communication skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, fine art skills, listening skills, linguistic skills, and others. Inducing activities like painting, craft, clay modelling, karate, athletics, skating, music, dance, storytelling, reading, songs, computers, and safety lessons in its uniquely designed learning program, it also contributes in the mental, physical and social growth of the children. Instilling in them the skill to work with others play cooperatively, to help others have a sense of empathy and be a part of a team, LF makes the children ready for the rigours of the mainstream education.
Madhu Mathur, Principal, Leaping Frogs, says "Appointing a teaching faculty that is extremely passionate about teaching and cares like mothers, we provide personal attention to each child and train them exquisitely in order to raise them as confident leaders of tomorrow". The school has an individual storytelling teacher who uses various props to make the atmosphere more engaging and interesting to learn, besides a karate trainer. Equipped with all the creative study related products a large premises, and well furnished classrooms, LF also presents the children with various corners like painting corner, library corner and others, where they can move around and explore. The daycare facilities at LF are much rewarding and recommended by the present and ex-students because of the exclusively personalized care it provides. LF also accommodates tutor facility in its daycare for students till standard five. The timing for daycare here is till 6 PM and to make it even moreconvenient for the working parents, LF also provides drop facilities through its privately owned buses.

Instilling in them the skill to work with others, play cooperatively, help others, have a sense of empathy, and be a part of a team, LF makes the children ready for the rigours of mainstream education

As the overall communication at LF is done in English only, the children here have an impressive hold over the language. Along with teachers, even parents are greatly involved in the teaching process at this school during activities like Mom’s Day, Movie Day, and much more. Currently, LG has different syllabi chalked-out for each class from Nursery till KG2. Planning to advance its management technologically, the school aims to incorporate MCD tool where parents can get notified online about homeworks, assessments, classwork or anything that’s happening in their children’s life.

Future Roadmap
Interested in imparting education, LF assumes itself as an educator and not an absolute commercial organization. Giving admissions to not only the creamy layer, it’s open for all who wish to grow. Growing gradually holding the string ‘Word of mouth’, LF is looking forward to expand its presence by opening at least six new branches in future.