Ozone Cyber Academy: Learn Hacking ­ The Ethical Way

Arunkumar N, CTO,Dinesh G, CMOIn today's advanced technological world, everything is connected with the internet with a simple click. This also means that the data is prone to various online threats and needs to be protected at all times. Ozone Cyber Security is considered as the most trust-worthy security provider for Logical Penetration Testing, among all the best cyber-security companies. Ozone Hacker Academy, also known as Ozone Cyber Academy, is a unit of Ozone Cyber Security which provides real-time training courses equipped with Industrial-Based Standards for students as well as IT professionals.

Creating Cyber Experts
At Ozone, the students get trained from the very scratch as the company follows the laymen policy as their primary training technique. Ozone ensures everyone easily understand the topics regardless of their computer knowledge and skills. The Academy team has already trained 100+ students regardless of their degree or profession.

Ozone's hands-on experience acts as USP, making it a standout company. It never follows any pre-documented materials like PDFs or video clips. Unlike other institutions' students, Ozone students exploit their hidden machines at labs. Since Ozone Cyber Security provides both the training and handles cyber-security projects, where students acquire industry experience.

Training Courses ­ Meeting the Industrial Standards
Currently, there are a couple of training courses available viz. Ozone Certified
Ethical Hacker (O-CEH) and Certified Cyber Security Engineer (CCSE). Ozone Cyber Security provides 24x7 live support for both courses.

O-CEH is a basic-Intermediate course, which includes real-time experience, a 3-1 training which covers existing courseware, free port forwarding service (2 TCP ports), a 30 days of lab access; while CCSE is a basic-PRO course consisting of real-time experience, a 1-1 training covering existing courseware as well as topics suggested by the student, free port forwarding service (5 TCP ports), a 90 days lab access, custom lab-machine deployment, covering all the latest topics, and also a free 30-days internship program.

Dinesh G, CMO

Also, every batch consists of a maximum of five students so that every candidate can be given individual attention. Every candidate is trained to get the attitude of an ethical hacker which helps in their learning process and has a user-friendly and flexible environment. Ozone Academy not only has the dedicated cloud-hosted training software for handling the online classes but also on-premises servers for the students to train them-selves.

Ozone Cyber Academy provides real-time Ethical Hacking training courses equipped with Industrial-Based Standards for students as well as IT professionals

Training Team
Ozone Academy's courseware is flexible and the training team updates regularly. The team stays updated on latest cyber-security threats, simultaneously handling real-time projects. Every trainer has at least three-years' experience in their respective field. Whenever a new attack roams on internet, the team prevents it and updates it in the courseware. Ozone Academy is currently working on developing its tools and kits to make their courseware comparable with the international certification standards. Ozone Academy is also working on setting up the cyber-security lab in the colleges and appointing their trained tutors there.