Olympiad Helper: Making Your Kid an Olympiad Champion

Nehawashini Anil,  CEOKeen to give their children a competitive edge, parents enroll them in all kinds of Olympiads from Math and Science to English and IT. Olympiad exams not only boost the logical reasoning ability in kids, but also upturn their thinking capacity, problem solving skills, and confidence. Hence, taking these exams in earlier stage indoctrinates the habit of taking a challenge and helps in the overall growth of a child. However, to excel in Olympiad examinations, it is essential for aspirants to understand and learn the chapters/topics thoroughly, familiarize with exam pattern, evaluate and prepare themselves on the Olympiad standard questions, as questions asked during these exams are quite different (trickier & conceptual) than what they learn in the school.

Bangalore based Olympiad Helper is one such innovative education website which recognized the potential of the evolving Olympiad examination space. Established in 2009, the firm provides an objective, in-depth practice platform containing online learning videos plus chapter wise, sample and mock tests, to the students preparing for Olympiad examinations. It not just familiarizes children with the pattern & syllabus of Olympiads examination but also makes them
understand the dynamics of questions asked in these examinations. Unlike others, Olympiad Helper charges subjective wise (Rs.899 for entire session) covering all major Olympiad examination pattern of selected subject, preventing learner to pay separately for same subject different Olympiads preparation material.

As parents, we sat together and tried to make a system to understand and bridge the gap between school teaching & Olympiad expectation

Talking about inception journey, Nehawashini Anil, CEO, Olympiad Helper, avers, “We use to do mental ability, logical reasoning questions for entrance tests, where in our children are getting these kinds of questions from class one and find it difficult to understand. As parents, we sat together and tried to make a system to understand and bridge the gap between school teaching & Olympiad expectation. Our entire journey is guided through the parent’s point of view and thus have a core parent team that decides what kind of features are important for a kid, how it will be helpful, what else can be included”.

Building Strong Foundation
This online learning platform targets class 1-10 kids and prepares them on subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, Computer and General Knowledge. The advantage of Olympiad Helper is concept based teaching wherein children are taught in such a way that they are able to solve/handle
any kind of a technical/practical question. Each selected question & answer comes with a detailed description show casing the method/approach behind it. Furthermore, students can connect directly with teachers by sending feedback in case they don’t understand the approach/logic applied for answer wherein these experts render them a detailed resolution of the question.

This self-learning platform empowers students to take their own sessions and learn according to their choices/ capabilities. The whole chapter/syllabus is divided into small topics and projected into 3-7 minutes videos which empower kids who lack concentration /can’t sit for longer to take break and complete the sessions. Even if students initiate a chapter wise/sample/mock test with 50 questions and completed only ten, and don't want to continue further, they can easily logout from the application and resume the test anytime again. Being available on mobile gives easy access to learner to connect with platform anytime & anywhere.

Olympiad Helper implements strict metrics to measure student’s performance. Each topic /chapter is supplemented with questions which need to be answered by students, which gives a fair idea of student’s understanding. If answer is not satisfactory, kids are either asked to repeat the video or provided with another video on the same topic. More over, a detailed strength/weakness report is generated at the end of each test, giving learner a fair idea about what chapter to concentrate on. Enriched with such features, Olympiads Helpers aims to introduce video lectures for English /Computer and Artificial Intelligence in its learning methodology in coming years.