Olympiad Genius: Crafting Olympiads Champions

Shruti Sharma,    Directors

Shruti Sharma


Olympiad exams not just help students identify their capability and real potential that may help them thrive in the modern competitive world, but also motivate them to endeavour for better and deeper understanding of facts to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills. To achieve this, it is essential that the curriculum is created using scientific methodology of Learn Assess Improve. Built on this very foundation is Olympiad Genius that is committed to its tagline ‘Achieve excellence in Olympiads’. Olympiad Genius is an AI-based platform featuring high quality study material to help students learn complex concepts and practice quality questions based on advanced applications of concepts. “Children gain confidence by making continuous improvement on adaptive tests and working on improvement plans based on recent assessments,” asserts Rajni Bagla, Director, Olympiad Genius, a cloud based platform built with state of the art technologies.

Crafted with Technology for Every Child
Olympiad Genius’ Achiever’s Power Pack for Mathematics, Science and English is a complete solution for Olympiads preparation and is highly personalized, progressive and natural learning process made exclusively to suit every child’s unique development needs. The
solution features topic wise study material & question banks, adaptive tests, improvement plans, and sample papers based on real pattern but with advanced difficulty level to keep the students one step ahead of others. “By using Learn Assess Improve methodology, we are able to promote natural learning process,” affirms Monika Rawat, Director, Olympiad Genius.

To give realistic experience of these exams, we offer number of model tests, which can be downloaded and completed by setting time and know one’s preparedness

While its learning material is more focused, progressive and advanced and covers the entire syllabus of each subject (Mathematics, Science, and English), and is rigorously audited for quality and even filters out any content which can demotivate children; Olympiad Genius offers rich set of questionnaires questions covering each topic mirroring renowned Olympiad exams. “To give realistic experience of these exams, we offer number of model tests, which can be downloaded and completed by setting time and know one’s preparedness,” explains Shruti Sharma, Director, Olympiad Genius.

Following this, the company’s AI-based platform and complex algorithms identify all interlinked areas of improvement and suggest an improvement plan based on most latest assessment of a topic. This plan comes with study material embedded and links to free web resources to clear concepts, and children can also generate adaptive tests to re
assess the lacking areas. This is how the company has helped hundreds of students achieve success at national andinternational level Olympiads. Parents/students can subscribe Olympiad Genius packages (special packages for schools) online or through the company’s help desk. The combo package is available at Rs.1499, while individual package for Rs.799 each.

Rajni Bagla & Monika Rawat, Directors

En Route to Future
Within just two years of its inception, the directors have taken the company to new heights and have grown it 2000 percent in FY 2018-2019. What contributed to this magical growth is its team comprising of IITians, NITians, passionate teachers and technology enthusiasts possessing rich experience in the field of education and Olympiad exam preparation and coaching. Olympiad Genius also invests heavily on technological innovations and is currently working on providing advanced AI enabled tutoring systems. Spotting huge potential in social media, the team is working on building a crowd sourced question/answer portal to increase learning resources accessibility. Expanding its wings further, the company will soon have offices in new places (currently in Delhi, Dehradun and Shirpur (Dhule)) and hire more talent.