Next Gen International School: Holistic Development of Student in Avant-Garde Facilities at Affordable Cost

Sreekanth B. Koganti, Director

Sreekanth B. Koganti, Director

To elude government schools’ low-quality education, parents are increasingly switching to private schools, where learning outcomes are better. However, they are loathed as teaching shops charging high fees, making it difficult to achieve one of the Millennium Development Goals. According to reports, direct costs of schooling reduce the probability of children attending school. Alleviating the burden of higher costs from parents’ shoulders is Next Gen International School (NGIS), a one-of-its-kind school having high-grade facilities, activities & faculty imparting pupils with intellectual, physical, cultural & artistic skills at an affordable cost. The school charges merely Rs.5000 per month & an additional Rs.8000 per month for boarding students, which is the lowest among the schools of such kind.

Spread over 12 acres of lush green campus with premium facilities & infrastructure on par with prime Indian international schools, NGIS is a niche phenomenon in its space. The school is equipped with air-conditioned classrooms with acoustic ceilings, cutting-edge separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths & Language, library, amphitheater, 100 Pax conference hall, 300 Pax dining hall, spacious boarding
rooms, & more. Adding to the baggage of bespoke infrastructure
is swimming pool, equestrian sports, obstacle course arena, large playground, 200 mts running track, outdoor science park, and children’s park. In them, sundry indoor & outdoor sports (Horse Riding, Rifle Shooting, Rock Climbing, Fencing, Swimming, Skating, Pencak Silat & Karate, & other major sports) are administered with professional training & structured curriculum under the supervision of adequate PETs. NGIS also promotes cultural & meditation activities that include art, music, dance, drama & yoga. The campus is maintained by an adept security team via 150 CC Cameras, and periodic professional pest control is carried to ensure hygiene atmosphere.

"NGIS follows an integrated curriculum at primary level and has separate sections for CBSE &ICSE"

Comprehensive Learning
NGIS follows an integrated curriculum at primary level and has separate sections for CBSE & ICSE (planning to start IGCSE from 2019-20). The students are taught by a team (with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1) of highly skilled faculty with rich & diverse experience and qualifications procured from different parts of the country & foreign land. For instance, for teaching French & Spanish, native language speakers of these subjects are procured from the respective countries. The school is
envisioning to employ more such teachers & admit students from various countries, and become a globally diversified learning centre that caters to the needs of every student. NGIS also leverages technology to empower students through Tablets, Smart Classes, customized school mobile app & books integrated with QR codes that can be accessed at home.

Producing Versatile Learners
Thanks to this blend of educational, cultural & sports activities, NGIS is widely appreciated for its well-balanced curriculum that ensures the all-round development of a student. “Keeping the holistic development of a child’s personality in mind, we have a balanced curriculum with extracurricular activities,” adds Sreekanth B. Koganti, Director, Next Gen International School. This has bestowed the school with many accolades, which include the prestigious International School Award 2017-2020 from British Council. Apart from grooming its students, NGIS addresses social concerns by conducting Annual Carnival to raise funds for orphanages & old age homes and organizing beach cleaning every month on Sunday. It’s also planning to educate local elementary school children through its senior students for an hour every week.