My Little Scholars Pre-School: Built to Nurture Learners with Innovative Techniques

 S. Radhakrishna,   DirectorTraditional methods have been far replaced by technology as the EdTech industry has visibly evolved through the years. Today, parents and teachers are dependent upon collaborative and integrated methods of learning, right from the preschool stage. Established in 2015, Telangana-based My Little Scholars Pre-school thrives with the mission to redefine traditional educational methods with innovative methods and values. The best-in-class institution provides a safe and stimulating environment where children are nurtured with love and care. My Little Scholars Pre-school’s agenda is to employ simple, easier learning techniques with the most balanced, scientifically advanced integrated early childhood learning methodologies which can help children realize their true individual potential, build core values and develop skills.

What differentiates My Little Scholars Pre-school from others in the league is their passion, well-designed integrated curriculum, and qualified and trained dedicated teachers. Their performance metrics are measured and targeted toward the development of children. Besides, their safe and nurturing environment adds to the experience for both, the parent and the children. “Our innovative teaching methods, dedication, and high commitment levels make us stand out in the league. We have qualified, trained, and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff. Our various student performance review reports and continuous curriculum research for betterment have not only made our institution successful but also helped to constantly enhance learning outcomes at My Little Scholars Pre-school”, says S. Radhakrishna, Director, My Little Scholars Pre-school.

Facilitating Learning to Enhance Knowledge
My Little Scholars Pre-School believes that the early phases of development are the most crucial ones as they tend to shape the personality of a child. A proper nurturing environment is necessary to bring out the best in the children and the right kind of learning techniques ensure holistic development. Every child is a born genius and My Little Scholars Pre-school nurtures a child’s inner curiosity toward meaningful direction and learning. It’s for this purpose that the modules are framed in such a way that facilitates interaction, collaboration, and efficiency.
The integrated comprehensive syllabus and learning sessions tune and make the child fit to become eligible or qualified for any board viz., SSC/ICSE/CBSE i.e., for state or central board. Admission to preschool and classes is primarily based on the age of the child. The child is evaluated for physical fitness i.e., ready for Pre-school. Affordable fees with multiple payment options are given to parents. For a few low-income group parents, the institution offers support in form of free books or school uniforms to children.

My Little Scholars PreSchool believes that the early phases of developments are the most crucial ones as they tend to shape the personality of a child

The teachings at My Little Scholars Pre-school include colorful educational books, well-designed worksheets, toys, flashcards, charts, audio video rounds, indoor and outdoor teachings, workshops, and many more for effectiveness and efficiency to amplify happiness in children. These also facilitate learning and enhance their knowledge, skills, and capabilities leading to the all-round development of the children. The process of experimenting and learning is a common practice among children in the primary years of pre-schooling and it’s only due to the playful learning and indoor outdoor activities that the learning can be made immersive and fun.

Education Beyond Reports
The journey for My Little Scholars Pre-school started in November 2013 with a full fledged and full time daycare. Post admission in My Little Scholars Pre school, parents witnessed a visible development in their children, and thus, suggested the idea of a preschool where their children can be further nurtured and have some fun with learning. “It was the satisfied parents who encouraged us to start nursery school after experiencing our service. We then did our research in our own way to start this preschool to provide holistic education to Pre-schoolers. We did a complete transformation and moved from traditional teaching to Montessori teaching where ‘Learning with Joy and Education beyond Reports’ became our slogan and practice”, says S. Radhakrishna.

Over the years, the incessant efforts and continuous research in early childhood education have led My Little Scholars Pre-school to design a comprehensive curriculum and activities resulting in academic, cognitive, emotional, social, and physiological development in children. Good and consistent improvement in their knowledge, skills, and abilities are very much visible among the children and My Little Scholars Pre-school takes pride as the child successfully achieves all the milestones. It has also achieved awards for various categories including Top Five Pre-schools in Hyderabad Award (2017), Best Curriculum Award(2018), Innovative Teaching Methods Award (2018), and Best Pre-school and Educational Development Award. For the years to come, My Little Scholars Pre-school’s plan is to continue doing so and provide a holistic experience for parents that lay their trust in the institution.