Kiwis Kids: A Holistic Approach to Early Childhood Education

 Vijaya Lakshmi,   Founder & Director

Vijaya Lakshmi

Founder & Director

In today's competitive culture, everyone is attempting to demonstrate their professional and personal effectiveness. Every parent understands that a child's development begins at a young age. Early childhood education helps youngsters pick a suitable course in life. Children learn important early development skills and create routines in a safe environment at home. As children grow older, they must go out and develop important social, intellectual, ethical, and life skills that will guide them throughout their lives. As a result, it is critical that children begin with a full preschool program. A good preschool provides a safe and caring environment in which children can learn and grow through play, games, and social interactions.

Selecting the best play school for a child is critical for his or her early development. When making this option, it is critical to examine the child's individual attention, curriculum and teaching quality, infrastructure, and fees. Seldom do one comes across schools run as passion projects rather than solely for profit, such as Kiwis Kids. Kiwis Kids assist youngsters in elementary school and general life. Between the ages of three and six, learning is fundamentally distinct from subsequent stages. The activities of Kiwis Kids Playschool are designed to be age and culture-appropriate for the children that attend. Parents also participate in the activities.

“The playschool/preschool at Kiwis Kids employs the most effective instructional strategies. We offer the finest playschool/school/daycare service in your vicinity. Kiwis Kids playschool, winner of the best playschool award, focuses on domains that can be cultivated at the preschool age. Physical development, intellectual growth, social & emotional development. Our vision is to provide top quality education to all the children with an affordable fee. Our unique teaching method is activity based learning, creating and designing new age appropriate activities to the children”, stated Vijaya Lakshmi, Founder & Director, Kiwis Kids.

Distinct Programs & Academics for Children
Kiwis Kids provides development programs designed specifically for children from 1.5 years to 5.5 years old. The school provides five unique programs based on age groups. These programs include daycare, kiwis playground, kiwis junior, kiwis nursery, kiwis senior, first and fifth standard, and after school programs. Daycares provide the finest education, nursing care, and hospitality for little ones in comfortable settings. Kiwis Kids offers 8-hour daycare. Staff with experience handling montholds. They offer hourly, weekly, and monthly packages based on parents' needs. Whereas at Kiwis playground, kids at 1.5 to 2.5 years focus on a walk &
speak. This program boosts children's self-esteem and creativity.

The program is barefoot to activate pressure points and let children bend and move their feet easily. The school has everyday yoga for 20 minutes. Also, the school does not allow junk food and plastic only steel products so that children can learn about healthy food and the environment.

Furthermore, in Kiwis Junior Program emphasizes child development. Activities foster social-emotional development. Freehand drawing is taught. The youngster learns to write, paste, label, and take care of their items on their own. Alongside, Kiwis Nursery's warm, child friendly atmosphere promotes active learning. Kids start writing. Safety scissors assist kids to learn pencil holding. Sorting, matching, counting, and board games are planned. Additionally, the Kiwis senior program holistically teaches reading and writing to prepare children for primary school. Pre-math and literacy are prioritized. These kids learn freehand drawing at school. Focus on neat, errorfree handwriting. Indoor games teach throwing, catching, and balancing. Although, the 1st – 5th grade curriculum improves communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Every child has creative places, resources, and student-centered classrooms. And lastly, the after school activities include music, dance, yoga, handwriting, phonics, abacus, and more.

Kiwis Kids believes that comprehensive early education may be vital to a child's overall development

Kiwis Kids uses engaging learning approaches to offer such exceptional programs. Learning with fun is ideal for interested young minds. To do so, Kiwis Kids has experienced and qualified teachers. Their teaching technique focuses on self-esteem and communication. They teach children phonological awareness by introducing phonic sounds. They also have extracurricular/ co-curricular activities that help kids develop creative, imaginative, linguistic, and other skills.

Unique & Special Curriculum
Kiwis Kids' curriculum combines the Waldorf method, the Montessori approach, and team cooperation. Waldorf Method emphasizes mastery over exam scores. The school encourages peer connections and teamwork to help youngsters become kind and cooperative. These skills are crucial for their future success.

“Effective early education can change a child's life. Our Waldorf-Montessori curriculum instills ideals and ideas that will help your kid succeed in life. Recognizing, identifying, and developing each student's abilities are the following ideas. Conceptual comprehension, creativity, and critical thinking for rational decision making and innovation. Empathy, respect, and cleanliness are moral and constitutional virtues”, added Vijaya Lakshmi.

Future Plans
Kiwis Kids believes that comprehensive early education may be vital to a child's overall development. Kiwis Kids upholds beliefs, concepts, and ideals that inspire them to recognize and foster each child's uniqueness from an early age. Under the leadership of competent and well-trained teachers, the school enables students to develop their own ideas and abilities. And with this vision, Kiwis Kids is planning to open new franchises of the school in different parts of India. “We acknowledge that there are numerous aspects involved in child development. At Kiwis Kids, they recognize that every child has unique strengths, skills, and preferences for various activities. Our goal is to ensure that each child's individuality is nurtured and developed. At Kiwis Kids, we ensure that the child gets access to the most effective educational programs”, concludes Vijaya Lakshmi.