My Chhota School: Igniting The Spark Of 'Genius' In Every Child

 Kshitiz Bhasin,   FounderThe current expectations of a perfect job and a content life demand a proper work life balance. In a country like India with a highly competitive population, to have a great standard of living asks both parents to be employed, thus having to leave their kids in the care of others. As a result, there is a huge demand for preschools today. According to IMARC Group, the Indian preschool & childcare market which was worth $3.8 billion in 2022, is expected to be worth $7.3 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 11.2 percent during the forecast period. Thus, the fad of a preschool is constantly evolving.

Among the plethora of preschools in the country, Delhi-headquartered My Chhota School stands as a beacon of excellence in offering early child hood education regardless of urban-rural gap and serving unbiased learning to every student, and encouraging a hunger for learning in them. Kshitiz Bhasin (Founder) founded My Chhota School in 2018, with a vision to offer world class early childhood education to kids in rural areas.

Explaining the story behind the ideation of the school, Kshitiz says, “When we did a thorough market research prior to the launch, we realized that the rural market was completely different from the cities be it the students’ IQ levels, their learning capabilities, or the ability to grasp concepts. However, the scenario remained the same when we compared the kids of age 2-3 years from
both regions. Thus, I established My Chhota School to offer the same quality of education as in cities to students in rural areas as well”.

Holistic Development of Every Kid
Currently, My Chhota School offers teaching for four classes pre-nursery, nursery, lower KG, and upper KG. Each of these have a different fee structure and style of teaching. The company follows the ‘Eight Multiple Intelligence System’ introduced by Howard Gardener, where in each of these skills is developed through activity based learning. Keeping the students’ all round development as its cornerstone, the institute first gets to know a kid’s strengths, identifies the field of interest, and encourages them to focus more on those areas.

Keeping in mind its responsibility towards the betterment of society, My Chhota School even offers free education to one student in each branch of the school every year, which is sponsored by its HQ in Delhi

“Currently, we have over 1800 franchises signed up across India, wherein we have around 40-50 students in each branch. We follow a ratio of 20:1:1 – 1 teacher and 1 assistant teacher for every 20 students. Through this, we ensure that every student gets the necessary personal care and attention. Apart from innovative teaching methodologies such as play & learn, we also conduct activities such as Story Yoga and Shadow Puppetry through which students are able to improve their gross motor skills and fine motor skills”, elucidates Kshitiz.

Affordability at its Core
My Chhota School’s franchising is available for a bare minimum amount of Rs. 51,000, which includes the complete setup sufficient for 30 students. Fee-wise too, the company charges only around Rs. 15-20,000 for the entire year, thus making it one of India’s most affordable both in terms of franchising and as an educational institute.

“Our pricing model is yet another striking factor that makes us different from other preschool franchises in India. We are the only preschool brand in India that is focusing Tier- II, III & IV cities and villages of India. Keeping in mind our responsibility towards the betterment of society, we even offer free education to one student in every branch of ours every year, which is sponsored by our HQ in Delhi”, further explains Kshitiz. Due to such a highly innovative approach to learning, My Chhota School is no doubt on its way to becoming one of the most sought after preschools in the country.