MPower Global STEM Education: Challenging Young Minds through Challenging Modules to Think and Work

 V.K. Garg,  CEOSTEM Education is developing as a powerful weapon of new age education creating a student centric learning environment that enhances the problem-solving ability of the students.

Established in 2018, MPower Global STEM Education provides STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Innovative solutions for mainly K-12 and college students in collaboration with Education Institutes, Government Schools, Private Schools, CSR Companies, Non-Profit Organizations and many more. Also, offer Partnerships, Franchise Models, and Distributorships for National and International Territories. MPower Global organizes various training programs and certifies STEAM Trainers. Another key element of the company is they come together with various organizations and conduct several Awards, Competitions and Seminars for Education, Innovation and Skill Development on the trending concept that is Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“Based on providing most Innovative STEAM modules to students, MPower is changing the classroom environment from rote learning to innovative learning in a fun loving learning atmosphere. We believe in enhancing the curiosity of students by providing them reallife challenges and relate those challenges with their syllabus Science Math concepts and tell them to find solutions in a small group. Students find it engaging and fun loving, they create real interest in the
study too and unleash their genius mind”, says VK Garg, CEO, MPower Global STEM Education.

MPower Global STEM Education in association with SMEs, Pioneers and Renowned institutions, designs and develops various programs that fully mapped with National International curricula, like in India follows CBSE, ICSE, also IGCSE, IB, State Boards and the pattern of curricula follow by the British, Middle East, South Korea and many other countries respectively. The USP of MPower Global STEM Education is they provide every in-house solution for almost every kind of emerging technologies important for Elementary, Middle, and High School students mapped with their respective syllabus. The company promotes a structural framework in which STEAM is integrally knit into daily classwork to facilitate teachers and students endear it towards academic excellence. “Our robust STEAM Education creates critical thinkers, problem solvers and nextgeneration innovators. Also, the STEAM Innovative Programs offered by MPower are a challenge based relating to real life, enhance empathy, art of collaboration, and brush up communication and presentation skills among students and make them prepared for 21st Century Challenges”, states Kritika Verma, Senior STEAM Educator, MPower Global STEAM Education.

The various STEAM and other innovative programs that are based on Hands-on Experiential Learning are MPower STEAM Innovative Programs which are based on more than 20 modules for every grade. Apart from STEAM modules, the Company has MPower Robotics Lab and Training, MPower Internet of Things, MPower Artificial Intelligence, MPower Drone Zone, MPower Light Bot, MPower Aero Modeling, MPower Web Designing, and many other programs also. To make classrooms highly innovative, fun loving, engaging, and excited, MPower focuses on quality training based on trials and errors. The esteemed clients that MPower has served over the years are different schools across India, few of them namely, Sun City Gurugram, Ryan International Schools, Delhi International Schools, Vidya School run by IITians Gurugram, NK Bagrodia, Hope Foundation Delhi, SD Global Gaziabad and many others.

MPower Global STEM Education is a recognized STEM education provider in India which has bagged the National Award for Best Innovative Curriculum. Also, work with Indian Institutes of Technology, Delhi in research and implementation. The National Skill Development Corporation situated in Delhi appreciated the quality of Innovative Programs offered by MPower. “We are proud to say that in a short period of 3 years, we have implemented the programs to thousands of students in 5 states of India and spreading overseas. In the next 3 years, we have planned to reach out to 15 lacs students of India and abroad till the year 2021 and up to 1 crore students till 2024. MPower is being approached by various countries of South East Asia and the Middle East”, concludes VK Garg.