Mitr Learning & Media: An Abode for Bespoke & Proactive Learning & Training Solutions

Rahul Bansal & Siddharth Agarwal,Co-Founders

Rahul Bansal & Siddharth Agarwal

The education & learning paradigm is undergoing an intuitive facelift, thanks to the novel trends of adaptive learning, gamification, AR/VR and many more which are aimed to make learning multi-dimensional and more personalized to engage every learner in their own unique manner. The need of the hour is to formulate new ideas/solutions which are well aligned with learners’ changing needs like responsiveness, mobility & adaptability across all devices. Catering to this rising demand is Mumbai-based Mitr Learning and Media, specializing in crafting bespoke learning solutions that help educational institutions and corporate organizations impart knowledge & training specific to their requirement and environs.

Towards an Innovative Learning
Co-Founded by Rahul Bansal (harbouring over a decade of experience in digital content services and product
development for international publishers) and Siddharth Agarwal (seasoned technology professional with deep domain knowledge of education industry), Mitr caters to the quandary of less or negligible ROI that organizations often face due to their existing eLearning tools & solutions. This is where the company’s unique analytical skills come into play. “We undertake a detailed analysis, identify the right need, and then create a solution that resolves the unmet demands,” states Siddharth. The team’s core focus lies on formulating content & solutions for K12 courses and corporate training concepts.

"We undertake a detailed analysis, identify the right need, and then create a solution that resolves the unmet demands"

A recipient of the Gold & Silver Winner: Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards, Best Advance in Custom Content, Mitr has a proficient appeal among many schools in the U.S., UK, and sizeable portion of the European geography for whom it has created education content for diverse subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English. These contents involve the development of interactive elements like games simulations, digital learning objects, and many other aspects. Mitr has also worked on several projects involving digital books, virtual reality explorations and augmented technology using React, Angular and core Java
Script. However, the team is still exploring the horizons of AR & VR and experimenting with new ideas for future projects.

Furthermore, sectors like Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas are at the focus point for Mitr’s conceptual training modules creation. The organization has worked with Fortune 500 companies, building training programs for their employees and making them aware of the onboarding process, selling process and various skills required to perform their job efficiently and effectively. “Our major service is to collaborate, brainstorm and be there thought partner to build unique digital content/learning solution as per their vision, expectation and last but not the least, within budget,” adds Rahul.

Thanks to its diverse service palette and innovative approach, today Mitr is one of the most sought-after e-Learning organizations and has already clocked in revenue of Rs.22crore. Its constant growth of 30 percent YoY can be attributed to the company’s technical forte and the team building atmosphere that enthuses them to constantly learn and add something new to the company vision every day. “As we work in a constantly evolving environment, while staying true to our bespoke nature, we envision a major shift in the industrial paradigm and seek to work in accordance to this growth,” signs-off the duo.