Little Edupark: Promoting Holistic Development of the Child in Easy & Comfortable Environment

Jaswant Kumar Sah, CEOVarious physiological studies indicate that a person’s belief system and personality traits are well developed between the ages of zero-seven years. Early childhood education sets the stage in creating the right environment for instilling the qualities of moral values, ethical habits, etiquettes and quality scholastic aptitude. The right early child education is led by curiosity and self learning and should create an environment where children engage in practical activities which fine tunes their motor skills and cognitive abilities. Focusing not only on the academic development but also on the complete physical, emotional and psychological well being of the child, Little Edupark, a quality preschool, incorporates a teaching practice with a mix of traditional and holistic approach. This approach guides the child to find identity, meaning and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world and to the spiritual values.

“Our approaches to learning recognize the connectedness of mind, body and spirit. We pay attention to development of a ‘Whole Child’ as we see child’s learning as integrated and interconnected,” says Jaswant Kumar Sah, CEO of Little Edupark. Little Edupark provides supreme comfort and home feeling to the child with colorful, chirpy & airconditioned classrooms. Separate playing area with international quality playing equipment helps the children derive the maximum benefit of their play time by
developing creativity and imagination. Various activities like dance, drawing and yoga rouse artistic and sporting nature whereas multimedia section created for smart learning help the child familiarize with the use of technology and gadgets like computer, laptop and phone.

Theme based world class curriculum taught by Montessori trained teachers and experienced faculty lay strong education foundation for the child through easy and simple methods. Focused care and guidance is assured for each child by appropriate child teacher ratio of 8:1 and the complete CCTV surveillance guarantees safe environment for the child.

For Little Edupark, the emphasis always has been on providing quality service over mass growth

Harnessing Child-Parent-Teacher Bonding
“We believe that both parents and teachers play vital role in the development of a child. Hence open communication and active participation between them is fundamental in laying a strong foundation for the child,” adds Jaswant. Little Edupark strives to build a strong sense of community and engagement between the child, parent and teacher. The preschool ensures that discussion between the parents and the teachers is not only about the learning and development but also about healthy & nutritious food habit through unique communication systems. Regular teacher training and workshops inspire innovative and smart ideas of teaching. Regular orientation and parenting sessions for parents further assure that parents are also on the right track in assisting the development of the child.

Establishing Footprint with Quality Growth
For Little Edupark, the emphasis always has been on providing quality service over mass growth. Hence it considers its franchisees as business partners and works closely with them to ensure quality while helping them tackle the operational challenges such as hiring teachers. Hiring of professionally trained teachers across all franchisees is ensured by tie-ups with Montessori/Nursery Teacher’s Training Institute. Transparency and flexibility in terms of budget and admission fees ensures franchisees do not feel constrained. Shared strategy, support in terms of curriculum and marketing ensures uniformity and success across all franchisee, which has enabled Little Edupark to branch out to 15 from a single branch in 2014. With such vision and mission statements, the preschool is looking forward to expand to more centers through unconditional support mechanism, and impart quality & value-based education to the budding minds.