Little Elly: A Premium Preschool Franchise, Providing Stupendous Support, Updates & Pedagogy

Vittal Bhandary,  Founder & MD,Preeti Bhandary,  Co-Founder & Curriculum Director

Vittal Bhandary, Founder & MD

Preeti Bhandary, Co-Founder & Curriculum Director

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out” – Bill Gates. It is a universally known fact that the first five years of childhood are the most formative, and incredible learning & cognitive development occurs during this period. Accordingly, a child centric approach to early childhood development is imperative to a quality preschool program. This has been the core belief at Little Elly preschool since its inception in 2004.

Cherished philosophers, leaders and influential thinkers like Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Gijubhai Badheka and Tarabai Modak were amongst the first in India to realize the importance of early childhood care & education. While Tagore and Gandhi believed that children have a natural instinct to learn and they should be allowed to learn on their own from their natural surroundings, it was Modak, a pioneer in preschool education in India, who created the ‘Anganwadi’ (a courtyard or open school) format for early education.

Play is an integral part of a child’s early years and supports their learning journey in a big way. Children may develop their language skills, emotions, creativity and social skills through play. Play helps to nurture imagination and gives a child a sense of adventure. Through this, they can learn essential skills such as problem solving, working with others, sharing and much more.

Today’s parents are aware of the benefits of a good foundation in the preschool age, and want a program that helps in the overall development of the child. Vittal Bhandary & Preeti Bhandary, Co-Founders, Little Elly, were no exception. Years ago, they too struggled to find ‘the perfect’ preschool for their child; despite coming across numerous good schools, each with its unique offerings, they couldn’t find one preschool that could give their child a rounded and holistic early childhood education.

Thus, with a vision of nurturing values in children through a conscious, harmonious and fun filled early childhood education system, they co-founded Little Elly Preschool in 2004. Incorporating latest R&D innovations together with decades of relentless focus & concerted efforts in developing a warm, secure and stimulating space where children can thrive, grow and enjoy learning, this dynamic duo is making preschool affordable, authentic and enjoyable.

At Little Elly, each child is unique every child has a unique temperament and learning style. To teach each child successfully, we respect these differences and welcome them. Our classrooms are an open and exciting learning atmosphere where it works distinctively with each child’s learning style.

Methods & Concepts that Foster Mastery & Capability
An institution fostering strong skills & everlasting passion for learning in children as they grow, Little Elly leverages Montessori and Rudolf Steiner methods of education via
latest strategies, tools and technology to nurture emotional, intellectual and aesthetic quotient of children. These are the fastest growing educational systems in the world and have a great respect for the child as an individual, spiritual, creative being. Protecting the child from the stresses of modern life, overuse and misuse of technology such as television & computers, these methodologies emphasize the education of the whole child.

But these remarkable achievements were not made in a day! It took 25 years for Vittal and his team to perfect the idea and turn it into a reality. Besides, Preeti too has also spent a large part of her career evolving unrivaled ‘child directed’ curriculums to foster the individual needs of a child to mould him/her into an exclusive person. So, it is not surprising at all that their enterprising ideas, perseverance and steadfast belief in the concept that has led to successful diversi fications of the business into numerous K-10 schools (Glentree Academy), Corporate Childcare (Elly Child Care), Teacher Training (LETTER), children’s publications, creation of learning aids and providing pedagogic support & corporate affiliate programs.

Seamless Support & Simple Setup Procedures
A Franchise Model Preschool, Little Elly has grown in leaps & bounds since its inception. With over 130 centers across seven states nationwide and overseas footprints in Seattle(US) & Kathmandu (Nepal) it is a favorite among children & parents alike. The preschool envisages partnering with like-minded, dynamic and enthusiastic individuals through its franchisee opportunities for further expansion.

Respecting each child as an individual, Little Elly focuses on unearthing & cultivating a child’s potential through creative, stimulating and exclusive preschool experiences

A trendsetter & path paver in early childhood education, Little Elly offers incredible advantages to its franchisees to enable them enjoy their entrepreneur journey. Extremely affordable investment opportunities with assured returns, completely transparent process without hidden costs, ongoing operations & marketing support, and smooth transition from Little Elly to Glentree Academy are the salient features responsible for the seamless success of the preschool franchise.

The simple & sound procedure to start a Little Elly franchisee begins with short listing a quality prospect continues with explanation of investment criteria & operational costs finalizing & blocking location, and concludes with signing of a LOI & payment of Franchise fee. As far as investments are concerned, a suitable property of 2,500-3,000 square feet with lease tenure of minimum five years and capital of Rs.10-12 lakh are enough.

Connected strongly on a personal level with all its franchisees, Little Elly is a brand that keeps supporting them even after school setup. Through best digital support, updates on new & effective platforms aid in operational processes like fee collection & kit dispatch, and curriculum updates as per yearly feedback from preschools, the brand continues on its success path dauntlessly, demonstrating an astounding advancement and a bright future ahead.

Key Management:
Vittal Bhandary, Founder & MD
A brilliant visionary, Vittal has spent twenty five years of relentless focus and concerted effort in the early learning space in India. He strongly believes in nurturing meaningful values in children through a conscious, harmonious and fun-filled early childhood education system.

Preeti Bhandary, Co-Founder & Curriculum Director
A veteran educationist & an entrepreneur, Preeti possesses over 18 years of experience in early childhood education & care. She considers each child as an individual and has spent a large part of her career evolving unrivaled curriculums to foster the individual needs of children and moulding them into an exclusive person.

Headquarters & Offices: Bangalore (Headquarter) & Chennai (Regional Office)

Number of Franchisee:
•Over130 franchises Nationwide
•Overseas footprints in Seattle(US) & Kathmandu(Nepal)

Programs:Toddler, Play Group, Nursery, Kindergarten, Holiday Camps & Elly Club