Linden Montessori: A Child-Centric Pre-School Aimed to Cultivate Love for Learning

Stuti Mehrotra,Founder & Director
Stuti Mehrotra, Founder& Director

When children are young, their minds are like sponges. Every new experience, every word they learn, every behaviour they adopt, is being absorbed in their mind and later, it influences their overall personality development. Studies suggest that children’s early experiences - the bonds they form with their parents and their first learning experiences – deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. That’s why early childhood education, especially for the children between 2-6 years is considered as an investment for a more fruitful future. Optimizing the early years of children through a tactile and stimulating learning environment and creating a strong foundation for their future success, Bengaluru based Linden Montessori took on the time-tested and child-centric Montessori Learning Method, which has over 100 years of success in diverse cultures throughout the world.

Linden Montessori is primarily a preschool which offers the day care facility as well. As the name suggests, they follow the Montessori Methodology that focuses on children in an individual capacity and is
curious learners and enjoy the learning process. They provide a tactile and stimulating environment to
committed to help children be help each child unfold his/her enormous potential that he/she is born with. Stuti Mehrotra, Founder and Director of Linden Montessori, explains,“The school follows the Montessori Philosophy where in children learn and develop by experiences and gradually take to writing in a systematic and a scientific way based on their readiness level. This kind of experiential learning, which is central to the Montessori Philosophy, is more relevant in today’s times when children are not getting enough focus and attention on experiential learning due to the exposure to gadgets from a young age. Our continual goal is to promote learning curiosity and exploration and to help our children be more creative, organized, focused and responsible human beings who would strive to make this world a better place.”

"Being a child-centric pre-school, Linden Montessori takes every possible step to cultivate a child's natural desire to learn, their love of learning and responsibility towards the society"

Being a child centric pre-school, Linden Montessori takes every possible step to cultivate a child's natural desire to learn, their love of learning and responsibility towards the society.

Their sprawling green campus and the efforts to improve every child's social development is well
-appreciated among local circles. Preschool's intuitive Zero-Waste Annual Event,where kids were given hands-on-activities on waste management, recycling and reuse of paper and plastic, received a great reception from different parent communities and was featured in Bangalore Times too. Speaking about Linden Montessori’s unique position in the Bengaluru's daycare sector, Stu ti Mehrotra says,“Linden Montessori as a preschool and daycare was not a known brand or a franchise initially, which made it a little challenging for the team to get recognition in the industry. However, very soon our name spread by word of mouth and the rest is history. We truly believe in competing with ourselves. Both, our pre-school and daycare are child centric with a lot of focus on extra-curricular activities such as Yoga, Gardening, Cooking, Arts and Craft, AV Room and Role-Plays. Moreover, our facilitators are caring and passionate individuals trained in Montessori Method of education, whose commitment is to support and encourage a child’s natural curiosity to learn and help him or her develop a love of learning.”

Linden Montessori is celebrating its fifth year of successful journey. Growing by leaps and bounds, they have evolved as a reputed preschool and daycare brand in Bengaluru. Targeting to become a major organization in the preschool space, Linden Montessori is right now adding on more wings to their school building while implementing more innovative programmes and aiming to perform better as an organization.