Kids Mansion: Nesting the Kids with the Right Facilities

Vinaya Srinidhi,Founder
Vinaya Srinidhi, Founder

In today’s growing urbanization,it is difficult for most families to survive on single income. As a result, the need for good quality and financially secure life has led to both parents working to keep up with the needs of the family. While this has undoubtedly led to better financial footing, the situation has drawn today's parents into a spot which is not just distressing but is also hindering them to concentrate at workplace. Being a parent, Vinaya Srinidhi, Founder of Kids Mansion was going through the same circumstances. “Before KIDS MANSION, I was working with JP Morgan where many colleagues where constantly concerned about our little ones who were back home with the care givers. The constant uncertainty about the safety of the child while at work is what pushed me towards establishing Kids Mansion. Built with a vision to nourish the young souls, the children at Kids Mansion are attended well for all their needs and get enough love and care,” says Vinaya Srinidhi, Founder, Kids Mansion.

Situated in the populous suburb of
Marathahalli, Bangalore, KidsMansion has an environment which is not only child-friendly but also engaging for children to learn and have fun at the same time. Started as an individual center, Kids Mansion has set a niche in this domain without any branding associations, affiliation or franchise. With consistent quality of service catered with love and care for the little ones, today, Kids Mansion is recognized as an educational institute which takes pride in the holistic and innovative learning methods that have helped Kids Mansion to raise the bar in the field of education. The centre also follows a well-researched curriculum that is based on the play way method of learning. “In pre-school we have classes from Play Group till Upper Kindergarten(UKG) where we focus on gross motor skills and fine motor skills that support in a kids’ complete development. Our teachings are fun induced which helps in finding the hidden talents of the kids and allows us to cultivate them through the proper exposure. For the language development, we focus on teaching kids through phonic songs, new rhymes where they are allowed to create tunes,” shares Vinaya.

As a part of day care facility, almost all the major schools have add ed their drop point as Kids Mansion. Kids love to be at Kids Mansion for the homely atmosphere that it provides. The organization also has its own cook at school which makes easy to
provide tasty homemade food during lunch and snacks, and have sufficient place for the kids to relax and rejuvenate. Managed by an all-female staff, Kids Mansion houses a staff of certified teachers who are not just caring but are mothers themselves that reflect extreme levels of patience. They are well trained on how to take care of the little ones.“Each and every kid is unique and we understand that we can teach the kids only through love and affection. When the kids start feeling comfortable with us, they themselves open up and support us to imbibe the right value system. At Kids Mansion, we understand the sensitivity of the child, both teachers as well as the helpers, take the right responsibility of the touch, feel and what they see,” shared Vinaya.

Built with intense commitment and dedication, Kids Mansion continuously works towards keeping up with its inception motto of 'Making every moment a joyful learning experience'. "At Kids Mansion, we don’t advertise or run campaigns to get more admissions. We get admissions through word of mouth and references. Our child to staff ratio is always maintained low so that all the needs of the kids are attended. We started with a few loyal staffs and a handful of children and we have grown gradually into a stable firm and I’m happy with the way we work and manage," concludes Srinidhi.