Lakshya International School: Blending Traditional Indian & Modern Educational Values

Dr. N. Suguna, Director,Satyaki Banerjee, Principal

Dr. N. Suguna, Director

'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all' - this famous dictum of Aristotle suits the educational philosophy of our profound intellectuals like Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore, which is based on moral & noble values. On the flipside, one can’t ignore modern scientific education’s values which emphasize on critical thinking, problem-solving & more, and befit 21st century’s needs. Fostering a healthy environment where these two educational values are respected & encouraged to co-exist, Lakshya International School endeavours for excellence by preparing students for learning beyond their classroom and assists them in becoming lifelong learners, self-directed, realistic, and responsible decision makers to bout this multicultural & ever-changing environment. “Our curriculum adopts a value-centric framework that incorporates 21st century competencies, while safeguarding the traditional learning methodologies. Learners are encouraged to appreciate our diverse community, and care for others & the environment by becoming global citizens,” adds Dr. N. Suguna, Director, Lakshya International School.

A comprehensive school with an exhilarating curriculum
emphasizing on acquiring knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, Lakshya imparts students with the skills required for progress in the competitive 21st century. Lakshya uses an array of instructional maneuverings like ‘Flipped Classroom Model’, encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class, and ‘Design Thinking’ to solve real-life predicaments through group analysis & creative ideas. The school also believes in self-learning to empower students to explore areas of their interest. To foster social & personal growth, Lakshya offers competitive preparatory programmes like ‘Life Skills Programme’, which is based on WHO’s 10 core life skills. This curriculum is regularly reviewed to keep abreast of market trends.

"Lakshya imparts students with the skills required for progress in the competitive 21st century"

An IBPYP school for the primary years & CBSE affiliated for the middle & senior school with both the wings sustaining international standards with respect to curriculum & books’ standard, Lakshya offers comprehensive education from K-8. The school whose prime priority is to address students’ needs with its complete ethos based on trust, respect, innovation & a sense of community, admits students without discrimination of gender, race, religion or nationality.

Bespoke Infrastructure
Lakshya has cutting-edge multimedia aided classrooms, Science, Maths & Art laboratories, exploration/storytelling room, and home & life skills studio (for teaching discipling at home, dining etiquettes & more). The school also has world-class sports facility encompassing all major games,
and a 170-seater Auditorium (with another auditorium being built for June 2019 with 800 capacity & sports courts). For its students’ safety, Lakshya operates GPS-enabled buses and has deployed 80 cameras in its four acres campus to monitor the activities.

Satyaki Banerjee, Principal

Leveraging technology, its teachers use tabs to teach using various multimedia options like apps, videos, games & educational docs, while the school also encourages the use of free online learning tools. Besides using inquiry-based learning to educate primary wing students, the school engages them in a pleasant way through the use of games and is in the process of earmarking the tabs throughout the primary school. Coupled with its qualified teachers and a teacher-student ratio of 1:20, Lakshya nurtures the students into confident and healthy human beings inspired to contribute to the world. Serving outside of its abode, Lakshya has adopted a neighbouring school wherein it executes sundry activities, and has raised funds for Kerala Flood Victims, and old age & destitute children homes. Thanks to that, Lakshya grabbed the title of ‘The Top School of Kakinada’ by C-Core Educational World ranking, &‘Most Progressive School of East Godavari District’.